• BOOK REVIEW: The Real Anthony Fauci By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    December 16, 2021
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    BOOK REVIEW: The Real Anthony Fauci By Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

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    Guest post by Michele Sarkisian

    When it comes to covid-19, there is no shortage of opinion on who’s to blame for its emergence, the definitions of science and vaccines, whether there should be any efforts around prophylactics and healing therapeutics, whether one covid prevention approach fits all, whether the longstanding VAERS adversity tracking database is credible, whether children should even be allowed to even take experimental shots and so much more.

    The lack of debate among experts regarding covid has been frustrating for such an important health issue. The public has been spoon fed consensus groupthink even as the government experts’ recommendations kept changing! No one was allowed to publicly question the narrative despite lots of data indicating questions should be asked.  According to retired pharma executives, in years past they would have been asked. In fact, ethics boards and media would have probed until they were absolutely convinced the data were thorough and certain to provide accurate, complete information enabling individuals to have informed consent before injecting their bodies with anything. With covid, whistleblowers, concerned doctors and investigative journalists could only be found outside of mainstream media and government experts.  Both had been misleading and untruthful on so many things; Afghanistan, our border crisis, crime in our cities, rioting and looting, etc. that I chose to seek objective covid information on my own. A friend familiar with Robert Kennedy Jr. recommended I read The Real Anthony Fauci for insight into covid practices and the dark history that got us where we are today.

    Mr. Kennedy, a lifelong Democrat, is not political when it comes to public health. He has a winning track record in holding powerful people and companies accountable when they knowingly deceived and harmed the public (e.g. Monsanto’s Roundup, etc.). He is tireless in research, providing thorough and abundant sources for everything.  

    The Real Anthony Fauci is not a simple, quick read but it is a necessary one.  Fortunately Kennedy had the eyes to see the covid cabal. He knew where to look and knew that absolute power required an entangled web of various entities. The control and financial ties between all the beneficiaries of covid shot manufacturing, distribution, messaging and mandating are spelled out in Kennedy’s book, complete with precise detail and exhaustive sources. Cognitive dissonance prevents many of us from imagining such evil across a spectrum of entities we used to trust. However, systematic abandoning of truth happened gradually over decades and culminated at just the right time when the country and the world was distracted with divisive politics. 

    Kennedy describes numerous examples of “regulatory capture”….in effect, the fox guarding the henhouse when it comes to oversight, funding and approvals. NIH and CDC, various other agencies, universities and friends own the patents for covid shots. They earn handsome sums as long as shots keep being injected. The more and more frequently, the better.  That means getting the young ones (already as young as 5!) in for life. Pharma has no liability for any adversity from the covid shots they insist are highly effective and perfectly safe. (What other products have that kind of protection against their potentially faulty and harmful products?) Shots are free (i.e. taxpayer funded). Along with entities and experts earning buckets of money without liability, mainstream media makes enormous revenue from pharma ads, which seem to be the most common ads in the U.S. today. Kennedy explains how most countries don’t even allow pharma adsfor public good.  Alas, U.S. media will not air any controversy regarding coveted pharma and the shots they push.

    Universities, traditionally the ultimate “higher education” forums for debate, get their grants from health agencies and pharma so they have abandoned debate on covid shots or anything that counters the prevailing pharma rhetoric. Big tech oligarchs benefitted from draconian lockdowns as the public shifted behavior online.  Small business and communities were non-essential. Churches were closed as the public could only worship at the altar of those deemed covid experts! 

    We’ve replaced science with Fauci’s changing opinions. Where was the science behind no masks, then multiple masks and 6 feet distance between individuals? Why aren’t masks necessary when dining with several people but must be worn to the restroom? Where is the science behind dismissing natural antibodies post covid? Where is the science proving therapeutics don’t work despite hundreds of thousands of cases there they HCQ, Ivermectin and other treatments worked very well? Where is the science behind Fauci disbanding control groups in clinical trials, which won’t be complete for another 2 years?

    Kennedy describes in great detail how none of this nonsense stands up. The cabal manipulates data, provides the talking points and attacks all contrary opinions. They are too cowardly to debate and there is too much money involved to risk it.

    This did not happen overnight or even since 2019 and the one fellow who has been there for decades, right at the top is Anthony Fauci.  In 1968 Fauci was a Director at the NIAID and rose to the highest paid government employee today.  Fauci worked the system, violated protocols, orchestrated fraudulent studies and used vulnerable adults, children and animals as labrats for decades. Chapter 7 of Kennedy’s book is a heartbreaker with difficult to read detail of abuses during the AIDS epidemic and other health challenges. The casualties left behind during AIDS was unconscionable.  Dead Uganda mothers and babies were swept under the rug.  Racial and sexual bigotry in medical authoritarianism was sickening. The 2004 documentary, Guinea Pig Kids explains in detail Big Pharma’s stampede to develop lucrative AIDS remedies and Fauci’s full throated support and guidepath for horrific abuses of countless vulnerable individuals.  There were stacks and stacks of little wooden caskets.  The documentarian wrote down over one thousand names of dead children just found in one room.  Agencies stonewalled the documentarian’s efforts then just as agencies and their web of co-deceivers do so today.  Therapeutics were not allowed. The narrative had to be controlledthen as it is now.  No one can possibly justify Fauci and agency horrors then and the same pattern is happening right now.

    Fauci found power hungry and budget seeking advocates to cover for him, taking advantage of naivete of those around him and/or rewarding others to go along with his orchestrated plans. He ultimately worked for 6 different Presidents as a “go to” guy who knew everything regarding health and was Not to be questioned.  Strangely, no one bothered to question anything…perhaps too far outside their expertise or assumptions were made that Fauci had been America’s expert in previous administrations so he Must be well vetted. In reality, too many were in on the constant deceptions.  The money was huge, especially when Gates got involved in the $60B global vaccine enterprise.  Kennedy does a good job of describing that unholy alliance.

    The truth is that there is no real money in health and there is a Lot of money in disease.  A Lot. 

    I recommend reading The Real Anthony Fauci, listening to Bobby Kennedy interviews, checking out the Children’s Health Defense and demanding debate!  Listen to dissenters and do not comply until you have sufficient, objective information for Informed Consent before injecting your body or the bodies of those you love with Anything. 

    Fauci is a fraud, his cohorts are corrupt and hungry for power and control. Kennedy makes that abundantly clear. It is only when the public stands up and demands truth that you enjoy your God given and U.S. Constitution granted freedoms.Thank you Bobby Kennedy, Jr. 

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