• President Biden’s War On Women

    September 4, 2022
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    President Biden’s War On Women

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    Guest post by John Hughes

    As of 14 August 2022, President Biden’s endorsement page for democrat candidates includes The Biden Agenda for Women.  The web page includes the following passage:  “Joe Biden is going to build our country back better after this economic crisis and that includes ensuring we get closer to full inclusion of and equality for women.”1  This statement briefs well, but what is Biden’s real track record for women’s rights and futures?

    His policies have been openly hostile to women’s rights to compete fairly in their own sports.  Women competed in the Olympics for the first time in 1900.  By the 1920s, women’s sports were increasing in popularity.  In 1972, Title IX opened doors for more women to participate in sports by increasing opportunities in schools for females to compete.  The WBNA debuted in 1992.  Public support for female athletes has dramatically increased in the past few decades.  The Biden administration’s support for transgenderism threatens to end all of this. On March 8, 2021, President Biden issued an executive order expanding Title IX to transgender students therefore cementing the right for biological males to compete against biological women.   Caitlyn Jenner, the 1976 decathlon gold medalist, broke the ice and stated the obvious back in 2015 by stating “It just isn’t fair.  And we have to protect girls’ sports in our schools.”2  Since Biden’s order, women have been losing athletic scholarships and competitions to biological males.  Mia Thomas, a prime example, was an average male swimmer in college but smashed NCAA women’s records.  Fortunately, resistance is building.  Female college athletes at risk of being ‘canceled’ socially and professionally are speaking out.  In July 2022, a Tennessee federal judge blocked Biden’s directives on transgenders in sports and bathrooms, but litigation is ongoing.   Even socialist UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April 2022 said, “I don’t think that biological males should be competing in female sporting events.  And maybe that’s a controversial thing…but is just seems to me to be sensible.” Women’s sports lasted a little over 100 years.  It was a good run…until Biden came along.

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    Biden’s support for Critical Race Theory (CRT), which is rooted in Marxist ideology is also damaging to women’s rights.  China’s history since 1949 provides a glimpse of the great Marxist lie about gender equality.  Mao promised equality for both genders.  In reality, since 1949, not a single woman has been appointed to the Politburo or to the presidency of China.  There have been no female Chinese generals since the 1950s.  The tragedy of China’s tennis star Peng Shuai underscores the lack of basic human rights for women in Marxist states.  Ms Shuai reported that a high ranking official sexually assaulted her and she was promptly punished.  She later had to walk back her accusations.  Biden and his party seem to worship Marxist traditions that trample on women’s rights.

    His policies are openly hostile to global women’s human rights.  In July 2022, President Biden fist bumped the Saudi Crown Prince, knowing that Saudi Arabia dismembers dissidents in addition to restricting women’s rights.  On August 13, 2022, Taliban police dispersed Afghan female protestors by beating them and firing guns in the air.4  What were the peaceful protestors marching for – basic rights for women in the totalitarian religious society.  Biden has given Afghan women no support for their cause.  This is a marked departure from past public overtures from Democrats.  In 2010, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton proclaimed concerning Afghan women’s rights groups:  “If these groups are fully empowered to help build a just and lasting peace, they will help do so,” she said. “If they are silenced and pushed to the margins of Afghan society, the prospects for peace and justice will be subverted.”5  Since the embarrassing US withdrawal in 2021, the Biden administration has been silent concerning Taliban atrocities and the rolling back of women’s rights.  There were no official comments about atrocities against women.  Obama’s administration had praised advances by Afghan women on his watch.  Biden’s administration was silent when women like Negar Masoomi, a pregnant female Afghan prison guard, was murdered in 2021 with a knife and had her head disfigured by Taliban ‘soldiers.’  Perhaps President Biden was too busy fist bumping the Taliban philosophically and methodically working to curtail women’s rights in the US as well.

    As President, Biden should be setting a moral example for the country.  Instead, President Biden has been on the receiving end of sexual assault allegations and is constantly on news videos groping young women and girls.  Hopefully women keep Biden’s track record for assaults on their freedom and dignity in mind when they go to the polls in November.

    John Hughes, MD

    Emergency Physician

    USMA Class of 1996 (#1 graduate)

    3rd Generation West Pointer

    4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan







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