• Analysis Of The Events Surrounding Tyre Nichols Death

    January 31, 2023
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    Guest post by by Retired Lieutenant Special Assignment Eric S Dym

    “The NYPD’s Most Complained about cop according to 50A.”

    Highly prolific police related event in history emerged from theatrical presentation. Chief Cerelyn Davis of the Memphis police department lit the match as emotions throughout the country were charged and her statement was influential for chaos and pandemonium. The events that led up to the senseless beating of Tyre Nichols and potentially his death was featured through body camera footage. The indoctrination for police departments in America to don body worn cameras was unanimously desired for ultimate transparency. Chief Davis provided a statement within hours of the actual release of the mysterious video that was highly anticipated by all of America. Her announcement to the public was inflammatory, theatrical and mirrored subliminal messages of a Coca-Cola advertisement in the coming attractions of well marketed cinema. Certainly, as a historian and former NYPD Lieutenant, it was evident the potential for mass riots can far surpass the turmoil surrounded by the events of George Floyd.

    The upcoming moments we are about to witness reflect the past and perceive the future. We watched as the incident of Eric Garner went viral and created community unrest, followed by the Michael Brown escapade that left the country divided even with faulty information that caused our nation to be emotionally influenced and take a side of subjective opinion. Shortly thereafter, coupled with a pandemic the George Floyd matter gripped the community at its heels. The public was led to buy the lie that Derek Chauvin, former cop, infected the entire law enforcement profession. Therefore, the theatrical buildup created by our politicians, media and the pandering police administration laid the foundation and pathway for far greater bedlam than its antecedent George Floyd.

    We are now at the crossroads for the response of police departments and democratic cities throughout the country. These leftist groups such as Antifa and BLM have been described as decentralized, however these groups are organized, orchestrated, funded, and calculated. These congregations have learned how to operate more efficiently than riots preceding the death of Tyre Nichols. They have learned how to navigate and how the police respond. We have the biproduct of these events. Diminished police departments have suffered the stance of the actions of these groups. The rank and file have succumbed to the pain of their wrath. The cops took action as they were trained, paid, and expected to do garnered substantiated civilian complaints, punishments, modifications, suspensions, and including arrests of the police themselves. These organized and highly funded hate groups have been educated throughout their experiences in riot after riot.

    We at New York’s finest retired and unfiltered podcast predicted this unfortunate death illustrating the impact of diversity in the police recruitment process post George Floyd. I have referred to the recruitment process as the post George Floyd hiring process. In this particular incident I watched with a trained eye with a vast experience of violent encounters with predicate felons. With all the hype building up embracing ourselves for this body camera footage I witnessed five men who resemble thugs I have seen beating on others in the South Bronx in a gang assault or a BBQ event gone rowdy. Therefore, it is in my opinion our cops throughout the nation should not bear insult to this despicable crime. This action has no reflection on the law enforcement profession. These former police impostors did not look like cops or speak like cops; they were not cops. Clearly, this anti-rhetoric and anti-sediment led us to this mass exodus of police in democratic cities throughout the country. We have diminished police departments and now our recruiting efforts target minorities to meet this expectation of diversity.

    We are not recruiting for the most suitable candidates. It is now based on lowered standards to pander to this movement. However, we at New York’s finest retired and unfiltered are confident through a strict hiring process police departments will organically be diverse. The NYPD is the model for this new diversity development effort with recruitment posters depicting black and brown men and women to target minority areas. Furthermore, as the NYPD’s mass exodus is unfolding Mayor Eric Adams in sum of substance indicated that he is not frazzled, yet it’s just an opportunity to create more diversity. This is a complete lie and virtue signaling to the angry mob.

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    Finally, I am utterly insulted and disappointed that various leaders throughout the country and democratic cities are apologizing and pandering to the public for this incident. We should not be apologizing for this atrocity as it bears no reflection on our profession. Plain and simple, they are thugs that should have never been hired. These men obviously lack training and should have never worn the shield. It is apparent the ultimate goal is to remove qualified immunity which will be the death of policing in America. We are at war with an idea of policing and the country is eating itself. The bedrock of policing is being chipped away putting all of Americans in harms way.

    Eric is the co-host of New York’s Finest: Retired and Unfiltered Podcast. Eric is a combat veteran with service in the United States Marine Corps with a tour of duty in Operation Iraqi Freedom. Eric is also a retired NYPD Lieutenant where he was targeted by an overzealous civilian complaint review board. Eric was coined as NYPD’s most complained cop. During his law enforcement career, he excelled as an active cop, anti-crime Sergeant, and special operations Lieutenant.


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