• New York Mayor Goes To War Against Meat And Dairy As Climate Agenda Escalates

    April 18, 2023
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    A Tale Of Two Cities
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    The war on food is one of the more subversive elements of the "Net Zero" climate agenda - While most mainstream discussion focuses on carbon taxation or a shift to electric vehicles, there is a legitimate public threat underway in the form of agricultural restrictions by government (specifically on nitrogen and methane emissions) and the targeted removal of animal based protein in regular western diets.

    It's no secret, the green totalitarians hate meat.  At least, they hate meat for the general populace.  The reasons why are uncertain, though it's certainly not because cow farts cause global warming.  There is zero evidence of any causation relationship between animal farming and rising global temperatures.  In fact, there is zero evidence of any causation relationship between carbon, methane or nitrogen emissions and rising global temps. 

    The issue is obscured by the methods used to calculate livestock’s impact: The UN’s climate report, Livestock’s Long Shadow, claims livestock alone are responsible for 18% of GHG emissions, but the figure calculates emissions along the entire supply chain, from land use to processing and refrigeration in supermarkets...

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