• NYC Democrat Leaders Have Admitted They’re Failures. Democrat Voters Must Admit They Got Us Into This Mess And Stop Whining.

    May 17, 2023
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    New York City Democrat candidates Mayor Adams and DA Alvin Bragg ran on “social justice” and “equity” and were elected in 2021. The public knew what they were getting and what was at stake. Governor Hochul also campaigned on a “social justice” and “equity” platform in 2022 and was elected, albeit narrowly, in 2023. The people knew what was at stake and what they were getting - elected officials committed to limited arrests, downgrading criminal charges, tearing down jails, bail reform, and promotion of drugs. In short, chaos.

    What does this mean? Two things. First, Democrat voters really liked the campaign platforms focused on racism and they should admit it. Second, not enough Republicans and Independents could be bothered to vote in what was one of the lowest voter turnouts in history.

    Now, New York City is a toilet. It’s a wasteland of junkies, homeless, “boosters” (professional looters), illegals, and flagrant defecators weaponizing poop. The aforementioned fear no one - not police, taxpayers, or government. That’s what happens when Democrats implement policies based on “social justice” and “equity” that translate to defunding NYPD, deinstitutionalizing mentally unhinged, and springing murderers, rapists, and thieves from jail.

    Every single problem plaguing New York City (crime, broken education, outmigration, sanctuary city status, economic decline) has been manufactured solely by one party Democrat rule. It’s made possible by voters.

    Now, the gall, both Democrat voters and elected officials complain. But their blame-game is misdirected. Adams blames Biden. Poor minorities blame the rich and everyone blames the whites. And the liberals on the Upper West Side and Tribeca, workers in Midtown, and employees at chain stores, beg for help. They deserve none, they snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.

    As of May 15th, 2023, a who’s who of racists, race baiters, and grifters suddenly awakened to the catastrophe of illegals. They crawled out from behind their private security detail, chauffeured cars, police fortified offices, and demanded help. They no longer want the illegals and don’t know what to do.

    This is an admission of a couple of things. First, that they’re failures. Second, that “social justice” and “diversity” are the death knell to financial solvency, safety, education, and quality of life and quite frankly, taking care of Americans that can’t take care of themselves.

    Adams said, “The city is being destroyed by the migrant crisis,” Side note, this is the guy, who, while campaigning, advocated for noncitizens to have the right to vote in his city. Adams welcomed illegals with concierge service, looking to “reimagine” Manhattan. They were put up in $400 a night luxury hotels, plied with so much food, a video detailing the waste went viral. Illegals were given carte blanche to clothing, cell phones, Medicaid, education, legal aid, social services, and police protection. Some illegals, disgusted by New York City’s crime (imagine) were also given tickets to go to Canada. All funded by taxpayers. Adams, unable to manage the crisis he advocated for and encouraged, now says, “And none of my folks came to Washington DC to fight for the resources that’s going to undermine every agency in our city.” Who the hell are “his folks”? The folks that were doing something, about 300,000, left the city and took with them $16 billion of taxes.

    Let’s get something straight. Adams is a liar, a financial derelict, and wholly irresponsible to his tax paying constituents. Why the sudden about face? After all, he called Governor Abbott a racist for turning away illegals, saying that sending them to sanctuary cities like New York City is done to “hurt Black-run cities.”

    Let’s examine this. Does Adams know what a sanctuary city is? There’s no legislation anywhere in America declaring any large urban center a “sanctuary city.” It’s a scam to level cities and vanish “white supremacy” - but it didn’t work. People paying taxes left. Adams clearly doesn’t know what the origin and meaning of the word “sanctuary” is. It’s a medieval doctrine where the Lord of the Manor couldn’t hunt down a serf who sought refuge in a church.

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    Why is New York City a sanctuary city? And why has Adams unilaterally declared Newburgh, New York, a sanctuary?

    If Adams thought the illegals negatively affected whites, he would remain silent. To be clear, illegals affect every American. But the whining Democrat voters, like the ones in Chicago that overwhelmingly voted for Mayor Lightfoot and Mayor elect Johnson still haven’t learned. In a video that’s gone viral, despite voting for two Mayors that ran on race and destruction, they now bitch about how the black community is impacted. They’re still on the race grift and totally void of responsibility to the horror that their vote created.

    This brings us back to Adams. Why, after lying about the numbers, first claiming illegals would cost $2 billion in January, then $4.2 billion in February, then $10 billion in March, is Adams throwing in the towel on his love for illegals in May? Adams said. “Every service in this city is going to be impacted by the asylum seeker crisis.” First, they’re not asylum seekers.- it’s a lie. Second, he is lying about the impact on the city’s services.

    Adams intended for the impact to fall on the “white supremacists.” But those people voted for their feet. So now, it’s falling on who he calls his “folks.”

    The result is, vets are being tossed out of hotels to make room for illegals. Homeless are being evicted from shelters, which can’t go up fast enough in Manhattan to prepare for the influx, leaving taxpayers apoplectic. Police precincts are housing illegals. So are schools, at least six “more Big Apple schools are set to start temporarily housing migrants in their gyms, prompting all hell to break loose…among parents frantic over safety and potential learning disruptions”, says the NY Post. All options are on the table; discussions to convert Manhattan’s iconic Central Park into tent cities - just in time for the summer and children off from school - are in the works.

    Here’s the bottom line. We’ve got to stop participating in a lie. Voters were told what they were getting and the 300,000 that refused to put up with it left.

    A weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    This is what the people of New York voted for. Own it. Live it. Embrace it.

    Mad Celt

    I live on 323 acres in Georgia why should I care about New York City?


    Love of money is the root of all evil, LIES ARE THE BRANCHES, AND DEATH IS THE FRUIT ! Some people will understand this statement, and others are in denial; they can't think that deep.


    I would bet good money that those democrats paid people for votes but even if they didn’t and people didn’t vote for them at all they still would have won because they cheat.


    Democracy breeds dictatorship
    I am a Canadian non voter that tried but never could actually trust the belief system that democracy is...I am purely a 'no confidence' voter if I ever was anything...taxes are theft, persecution and slavery...I will never pay it on earnings or land...the 2 that I can control...the rest are a frauds and theft by the compliant...my solution is non compliance, boycotting and protest...I came into this world with nothing and I will leave it the same way with hopefully making it a better place for all life it harbors in the future...the time has never been more clear for us to break our chains of slavery and hold accountable the evil criminals in this realm...bless you and thanks for your truth


    Correction: that democracy 'is not'

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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