• Illegal Migrants Are The Tip of Adams’ Spear Attacking The Historic Financial District

    September 25, 2023
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    Tomb of Alexander Hamilton in the cemetery of Trinity Church in New York City
    Image by Nathan Stringer

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    Mayor Adams chose Midtown Manhattan’s business center and Downtown Manhattan’s Financial District to flood with illegals. This was an intentional move to give the double barrel to Capitalism, the Founding Fathers, and Americans.

    At 52 William street is the Radisson “Hotel.” Like the Roosevelt Hotel in Midtown Manhattan’s business center, it’s another luxury accommodation only for illegal migrants to enjoy. Taxpayers funding the sick joke and regular citizens are banned from entering by security, also paid for by taxpayers. This landmarked building, 21-stories high, 289 rooms, and an additional 20 suites, is next to some of the most iconic landmarks, Federal buildings, and event spaces for the uber rich and famous. They’re protected 24/7 by NYPD, guns, barricades, and impossible to access without ID, which is ironic since the only people left in America still needing ID are citizens.

    In addition to the NYPD outpost and myriad preventative measures to protect historical buildings and Americans, the wealth and pomp on display is staggering juxtaposed to the poverty and wanton disregard from the illegal migrants plunked in the center of it all by Adams.

    Cipriani Wall Street Residences is between William Street and Broad Street on Wall Street. The building was designed by Isaiah Rogers and then later expanded by McKim, Mead & White, architects for many of New York’s renowned landmarks, like the Pierpont Morgan Library, The Harvard Club and The University Club. Cipriani’s website says, “Setting a new standard for gracious living in Manhattan’s most dynamic neighborhood...Exquisite interiors crafted from the finest materials embody One Wall Street’s extraordinary attention to detail…exclusive world of white-glove service…[with] incomparable access to New York’s vibrant waterfront and abundant green spaces to world-class shopping, dining, entertainment, and culture. Living at One Wall Street puts you in the heart of the best New York City has to offer.” Cipriani should sue Mayor Adams for devaluing its property and endangering its customers.

    Just West of Cipriani on Wall Street is world famous luxury jeweler and designer Tiffany & Co. A few steps further West is the world famous New York Stock Exchange - the largest stock exchange in the world. Its origins trace back to the Buttonwood Agreement signed by 24 stockbrokers on May 17, 1792 in response to the first financial panic in the young nation. Rules were put into place regarding how stocks could be traded and established set commissions. On the NYSE’s website, it says, “Our listed companies form a powerful community committed to good governance and societal impact.” The city that reaped most of its budget from the taxable events produced in this very area have blown through it to finance illegal migrants - criminals by definition - and settle them right on top of the people paying the taxes.

    If one looks further West on Wall Street, Trinity Church’s red stained glass windows glow; it’s where Founding Father Alexander Hamilton is buried. In between these businesses and statues are numerous landmarked Federal buildings dating back to the 1770s. The blood and treasure of the United States is memorialized here; sadly it is desecrated by Adams.

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    From Wall Street going North on Nassau Street to Pine Street is Federal Hall, where a statue of George Washington stands in historical glory. Federal Hall is a Greek Revival–style building in shambles. Closed to the public, under renovation, the crumbling facade is graffitied and lined with trash. It could use an injection of taxpayer cash to clean and fix it up but local leaders have no time for Americans or American made historical landmarks. If we forget our history, we forget our country. This seems to be the aim.

    Local government directs taxpayer’s money to illegal migrants who sit on Federal Hall’s steps, drinking, doing drugs, littering, and parking their e-scooters (for which they have no license). Prior to dumping illegal migrants into the Radisson Hotel, Americans respected the area and weren’t allowed to drive on Broad Street, which still has barriers up preventing vehicles. Illegal immigrants ignore this, just like they ignored the law to enter the country.
    From Nassau Street heading East on Pine Street is Pine Street School, This private, “global learning experience” nursery through 8th grade institution has a very 2023 “mission” of being totally hypocritical. “MISSION AND PHILOSOPHY Pine Street School is an internationally-minded community dedicated to providing an innovative, engaging, multilingual, and multicultural education that inspires and empowers our students to take mindful action for equity and the environment, making a positive impact on the world.” This private school is less than 500 feet from the Radisson Hotel, which is overflowing. Will Pine Street School put in some cots and house illegal immigrants?



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