• How Illegals Become "Citizens"

    March 9, 2024
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    Examples of fake IDs sold by gangs to illegals (source: YouTube screencap)

    "Hey Kid, Wanna Be A Legit American?"

    The building blocks of legal identity are for sale on New York City streets. Who is selling the cards necessary for a drivers license application? It appears to be the same gangs imported from Mexico and Venezuela responsible for moped snatch and grab operations across the city.

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    Reporters for the NY Post claim to have witnessed multiple transactions in different locations in Queens.

    Not New, But More Pervasive

    Operations such as the ones in Queens are not new to the city or the country. Four years ago, a sting exposed a similar situation in Mobile, Alabama. Similarly, one month ago, Chicago police busted a ring of fake ID peddlers.

    The murder of Laken Riley is sadly linked to fake ID cases as well. Diego Ibarra, brother of Jose Ibarra, Laken Riley's killer, was arrested for felony possession of a fake ID card (shown below).

    Fake ID of Laken Riley killer's brother (source: YouTube screencap)

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    Traitorous, anti-American democrat policies are the undermining of our sovereign Constitutional Republic.

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