• Report: West Point To Remove "Duty, Honor, Country" From Official Mission Statement

    March 10, 2024
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    As reported by TheManhattan parent publication CDMedia and Armed Forces Press, the United States Military Academy at West Point (right here in our home state) plans to remove the iconic American phrase "Duty, Honor, Country" from its official mission statement.

    It is another foreboding sign for the increasingly woke U.S. military. See the full report below or here.

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    We received the following information via our network of service academy graduates:

    From the MacArthur Society President, Col. (Ret.) Bill Prince, who attended the USMA Board of Visitors meeting in DC last week:

    The Supe advised that "Duty, Honor, Country" will be removed from the official Mission Statement, replaced by a commitment "...to the Army Values."  Interestingly, "...service to the Nation as an officer..." now changed to "...lifetime of service to the Army and Nation." 

    The MacArthur Society, the new patriotic association of graduates, is fighting back, alongside Air Force and Navy academy grads.

    Putting It Plainly

    I will state plainly what you all are thinking: The Army Values are meant well and are important to the US Army at large but are a lower standard than the West Point Values and tradition of Duty, Honor, Country. Like in many great institutions in the United States of America, progressive ideology is eroding away at West Point and doing so in a slow but methodical march, co-opting our good intentions through the specter of cultural marxism. Our adversaries are unscrupulous but sophisticated and very patient.

    Fighting Back: Borman 2.0

    We at the MacArthur Society have been making headway on service academy reform through Project 2025 and "Borman 2.0." Borman 2.0 is joint project with two other distinguished service academy societies, Calvert Task Group (USNA, CTG) and STARRS (USAFA, STARRS.us), intended to reform USMA, USNA, and USAFA (see attached). Borman 2.0 is named after Astronaut Frank Borman, who led the presidential commission investigating the 1977 West Point cheating scandal.


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