• New York: The Week In Crime

    April 4, 2024
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    Good day, New York! Time to review some recent crime stories.

    Phone Scams

    Starting with the curious case of Harpeet Singh, an illegal who was caught crossing the border and was released. He was recently apprehended after he was caught impersonating a police officer. Singh was abusing his false authority to steal money from a senior citizen in Gates, NY (Monroe County).

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    Singh, who was awaiting his immigration hearing, engaged in a cold calling swindle where he tried to convince local elderly citizens that they were a victims of a banking scam and he could help them by depositing their life savings safely.

    The elderly woman contacted police, who were waiting for Singh when he arrived at the woman's home. Singh was charged with impersonating an officer and attempted grand larceny.

    Inmates Suing Over Solar Eclipse

    Yesterday, New York inmates at Woodbourne Correctional Facility, a prison 100 miles northwest of the city, filed a lawsuit over the prison system's decision to lockdown during the solar eclipse on April 8th. The prisoners have cited religious beliefs as their cause.

    Oddly, the locked down prisoners will be provided with protective eyewear, presumably for those few who can manage to look out of a window, but they will not be allowed into open-air areas due to security concerns.

    Unless the prisoners are devout followers of Ra, Sol, or Helios--sun gods from ancient times and various locations around the world--it's a safe bet they'll be in their cells four days from now.

    Mayor Adams Struggles To Shape Locals' Perception Of Crime

    The struggle session continues. On one hand, New Yorkers feel less safe than in years past. On the other hand, lefty politicians continue their tired refrain that it's all in our heads.

    Mayor Eric Adams sits at the fulcrum of the seesaw: on one side, he must listen to voters who will decide his fate in 2025. On the other, he is forced into an uncomfortable dance with the powerful politicians who control the state, almost all of them Democrats.

    So while Adams often speaks the truth and talks tough about root causes of crime (recidivism, a Soros-funded DA in Alvin Bragg, a judiciary that releases criminals without bond), his actions fail to create meaningful change.

    New Yorkers need only open their eyes to see the increase in homelessness, the reports of violent crime, and the sickening loss of law enforcement lives. To think crime would get worse with a former cop as a mayor compared to his communist predecessor DeBlasio...oy gevalt.

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