• Total Eclipse Of The Park (Well, Almost)

    April 8, 2024
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    New Yorkers took a moment to turn their eyes heavenward this afternoon--with "eclipse glasses" of course. Craning their necks for the perfect view, thousands flocked to open air spaces, and there's no better place for that than Central Park.

    With cherry blossoms in bloom and a comfortable temperature of 64 degrees, it was an ideal setting. However, NYC isn't in the path of totality, so only about 90% of the sun's rays were blocked at the peak coverage time, around 3:30pm.

    As the light grew pale and the number of sun-gazers grew, it began to feel like a classic "New York moment," where concerns about race, crime, and politics are momentarily forgotten. In such rare instances, all remember this place we inhabit belongs to us all. Our quotidian feats and stumbles, all wins and losses of varying magnitude, set against the noise and hassle of the city, are shared.

    Then the clouds swept in, and as swiftly as they had assembled, the throngs returned to their routines.

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