• Masses Gather Downtown, But Not For Trump... City Council To Improve "Migrant Experience" (And Make Illegals Legal With Work Permits)

    April 16, 2024
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    Illegals at City Hall seeking more handouts (Twitter screencap).

    City Council memebers convened a panel today. Was it to address spiking crime? Recidivism and our feckless DA Alvin Bragg? The flood of illegals on our streets?

    No. In a clear sign of managed decline, the council met in order to get ideas from throngs of illegals to discover ways to make the "migrant experience" more enjoyable. But it's worse than that. The council will use this charade to make illegals blend seamlessly into the population. The timing is perfect, what with the Trump trial dominating headlines.

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    The early arrivals had it best. Flooding into abandoned luxury hotels such as The Roosevelt in Midtown, "asylum seekers" were (and continue to be) feted by the city. Three meals a day, and posh accommodations in what was once a 4-star hotel.

    The Roosevelt was completed in 1924, an opulent homage to President Theodore Roosevelt. The Italian Renaissance Revivial style continued the trend of luxurious new construction in the area, with facades of limestone and Belgian marble.

    Covid was the undoing of the hotel financially. Before the dust had time to gather, however, new tenants arrived. In droves.

    The John J. Harvey, target of migrant Juan Hernandez. YouTube screencap.

    One struggles to imagine that early arrivals to New York have much to say about their treatment. Not to mention that the police have been ordered to use a soft hand when detaining illegals, even those who continue to break the same laws over and over, such as the thief of multiple boats over two days earlier this month.

    What about recent arrivals? Surely the City Council didn't need to convene to hear that they are sick of being penned up in giant, temporary, FEMA-style tents with cots. After all, many were promised a very easy and profitable life in the US.

    The Real Reason: Legal Camouflage For New Dem Voters

    As the hearings progressed today, a handful of illegals mentioned that they want work permits. Of course that's what mass media decided to run with: "Young Arrivals Want To Get To Work!" As MSN eagerly reported, the city should do more to help these unvetted, disease-carrying, NGO-assisted illegals work permits. It feeds the Uniparty plan in two ways:

    1. Work permits are yet another piece of paperwork to go with often illegally acquired social security numbers and driver's licenses. For all practical purposes,the illegal becomes a citizen...and a voter.
    2. Employers can legally contact and offer a contract to someone with a work permit.

    Today's City Council meeting is political theater. The goal: to advance the agenda of placing Democrat voters in areas that are losing blue support.

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