• Trump Visits Bodega Where Owner's Self-Defense Was Ignored By DA Bragg; Ended Up In Rikers

    April 16, 2024
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    Jose Alba, Austin Simon. (YouTube screencap.)

    Trump knows where to pick his spots. The New York native traveled up to "Upper Manhattan" (or what any sensible New Yorker calls West Harlem) for a photo opportunity. Trump drove the point home that Jose Alba, owner of a bodega in the neighborhood, used basic self-defense while being robbed and mugged in July 2022.

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    Alba, 51 at the time, stabbed Austin Simon five times, fatally wounding him. During the altercation, Simon's girlfriend stabbed Alba in the shoulder. She was not charged.

    Alba was charged with second-degree murder and promptly sent to Rikers Island with a ridiculous $250,000 bail. This for an American citizen with no prior arrests defending his business.

    A public uproar ensued. Political pressure proved too great for Bragg, and after six nights in Rikers, Alba was released.

    So the bodega was a natural fit for Trump to shake hands with locals. The response from the crowd has led some, such as Lee Zeldin, the Republican challenger to Kathy Hochul for governor in the last election, to claim Trump will put New York "in play" come November.

    What optimists are forgetting: the machines that exists in all blue strongholds, and with the arrival of hordes of illegal immigrants directed to vote for Biden, the outlook is more grim than the perennially grim picture. But for today, in Harlem, Trump showed his top-notch natural political instincts.

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