• The Gambit Is Clear: Keep Trump Off Campaign Trail As Long As Possible

    April 18, 2024
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    Things are beginning to take shape in the first of the unprecedented lawfare trials against the leading presidential candidate during an election year. The candidate is, of course, Donald Trump. The shape the trial is taking? Something like a roadblock.

    The plan is unfolding slowly, and that's by design. From the get-go, it was clear based on timing alone that this trial was meant to disrupt Trump's campaign, but we are seeing in real time exactly how the toothless prosecution plans to slow-roll their jalopy of a case.

    Team Bragg-Merchan Aren't Playing To Win: It's A Bluff Played At A Snail's Pace

    First we had the gag order: shut Trump up. That didn't work, as team Trump uncovered clearly disqualifying details about "Justice" Juan Merchan's daughter, Loren Merchan, power broker and campaign manager for the likes of VP Kamala Harris and Rep. Adam Schiff.

    Schiff? Yes, the very same who captained the Gilligan's Island tour that was Trump's first sham impeachment. Promises of "evidence" that was "soon to come." Then, like now, the plan is not to defeat Trump on the facts. The plan is to show him in a negative light, sure. But the far more devious element: keep him off the campaign trail, where he is strongest.

    But as I was saying--first, the gag order. Then, with egg on his face, an expanded gag order, one that included, through careful collusion between judge and prosecutor, Merchan's family. By all means, protect the golden goose that is Merchan's daughter!

    That's the point, Ken...to make the jurors uncomfortable.

    Next, the jury selection process. When Andrew Giuliani told The Manhattan on Monday that it would take three weeks, that seemed perhaps to be an overstatement. Now? Not so much. After 7 jurors had been selected, today, one was dismissed due to fears she would be exposed. It isn't a stretch to think we will have some other late, "reluctant" withdrawals.

    Haberman Comedy Blog

    The Wicked Witch of the East Coast is back. Maggie Haberman of the New York Times is posting live updates on the trial. That's fine, inasmuch as her blinding Trump Derangement Syndrome occasionally exposes a weak spot in the case.

    To wit, Haberman wrote this morning:

    "...the judge is taking another five days to hold a hearing on whether Trump has violated a gag order that was placed on him with repeated social media posts about a key witness and jurors...This is one of several ways in which despite Trump's complaints that he is being treated unfairly, the judge is bending over backwards to be fair to him in this trial."

    And there you have it, folks. The judge is taking a ponderously LONG five days to "hold a hearing" to decide whether Trump has violated a gag order designed to protect Judge Merchan and his daughter. The gig is up. This is all about delay, to keep Trump off the campaign trail.

    Biden Is Trying To Emulate Trump With "Man Of The People" Stops, At Least It's Not Head-To-Head With Trump Now

    In the meantime, Joe Biden is putting on a routine of his own. No one's favorite grandpa is out touching babies and children again (seriously, how does his team let him within ten feet of anyone underage?). The strategy: lock down Trump while letting Joe do his magic. Sadly for Slow Joe, the magic is long gone.

    Joe needs to be careful with these appearances. Sooner or later, a child is going to tell him to Get The Hell Away From Me, and it will be the final, viral nail in the coffin of his campaign.

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