• Monday, Part II: Trump Reminds The Public Of The Real Score (Imagine Biden Attempting This Without A Safety Net)

    April 22, 2024
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    Donald Trump outside the court room on Monday afternoon (YouTube screencap).

    President Trump's new modus operandi is to speak to the press on livestream whenever he gets the chance. During a break in the action, before the first gavel in the morning, stopping at a bodega in Harlem. He is composed, and knows the points he wants to hammer home. He does so, as always, without notes, without an earpiece, without a teleprompter.

    Skip to 5:43:00 for afternoon comments.

    Imagine dementia-ridden Joe Biden attempting the same stunt, multiple times a day. Biden who can barely lift his feet high enough to execute a proper step. He'd be better off with cross-country skis.

    These impromptu speeches are a reminder of where things stand in the real world. Not within the construct of mass media, Biden's safe space with pre-screened questions and a disembodied voice yelling instructions into the ear of the nominal leader of the free world. No, this is real life, with live cameras held by hostile forces.

    Trump spoke before and after his court appearance today. In his latter remarks, Trump focused on Michael Cohen. "They take this payment [to Cohen], and they call it a legal expense...This is what I got indicted over...I should be in Georgia now, I should be in Florida...I should be allowed to campaign!"

    "Biden Witch Hunt"

    Next, Trump pivoted to his upcoming trial with Judge Engoron, the one concerning the valuation of Trump's properties. He expressed concern that the case wasn't being heard by a judge more familiar with complex business cases. "Judge Engoron had no idea what was going on...he didn't realize we had put up [$175 million in cash]. He asked 'What if it goes up or down,'...they said, 'It doesn't go up or down, it's cash."

    Trump closed with the crux of the situation: Biden and his weaponized New York judiciary are trying to keep Trump out of the public eye. "This is a Biden witch hunt to keep me off the campaign trail. So far it's not working, because my poll numbers are higher than they've ever been."

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