• Chris Cuomo Admits He Is Taking Ivermectin For His "Long Covid"... AKA Vax Injury

    May 8, 2024
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    YouTube screencap.

    Brought to you by no less than Covid royalty, Chris Cuomo--the Truth! Yes, he who claimed ivermectin was "horse paste". Yes, one of the soulless lefty vessels of media who are quickly losing their reach has admitted that he is taking ivermectin...and it works!

    This "who knew?" pivot proves that they'll stoop so low as to tell the truth to try to get their rizz back.

    Chris Cuomo is a Cuomo. That simple sentence should be more than sufficient for you, dear reader, to conclude that the man is deeply shady. If you lived under a rock for 4.5 years, you are excused. Otherwise, you're likely developing hives recalling the smarmy era that was the Cuomo Bro Show. Family joined in feel-good fist-bump pandemic reports that served as a shrine to the blatant marriage of politics and its wet nurse, mass media.

    YouTube screencap.

    From his macho posturing on CNN during the early stages of the Big Lie to his tomfoolery during lockdown in the Hamptons, little brother Chris was an avatar of brainwashed lefty bullying and swampy nepotism.

    Never forget.

    Chris played second to big bro Andrew during ingratiating sibling skits. Plus he found time to pop pec-flexes while passively promoting his wife's health site, Purist. Turns out she treated his 2021 Covid case with quinine, a chemical cousin of hydroxychloroquine, the other fatality of the truly fake news. You know, the kind you get on TV.

    Well, turns out Cuomo isn't a horse. But he's definitely an ass.

    YouTube screencap.

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