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    September 24, 2022
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    Cropped image from progressive school book 'Gender Queer'

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    In New York City, Democrat, Independent, and Republican moms have come together for the first time in a long time to elect Lee Zeldin for governor. This group has media, policy, educational, and political reach and is working both behind closed doors with other parent groups as well as in public to mobilize moms because another term of Hochul is the death knell to education. 

    Here’s one of the issues we’re working on to bring to the public’s attention -- every single parent in New York as well as taxpayers need to know about Bills S2584A and A6616.

    These are two matching bills currently in committee in the Senate and Assembly for comprehensive sexual education to be mandated in New York schools for kindergarten through 12th grade. They will likely pass under Hochul.  They will effect both private and public schools because another occurrence came to pass minus any attention -- Article 78 Legal Action dating back to 2019 that makes private schools beholden to public school superintendents. 

    There is no escape, no school or child will be untouched. 

    Lee Zeldin and Alison Esposito must weigh in on what too few know about and which has received next to zero attention. 

    The NY Post covered in May, 2021 New York City private school Dalton’s first-graders taught sex education lessons that included masturbation as well as a “porn literacy” workshop. 6-year-olds showing little kids talking about “touching themselves” for pleasure.  They were also “taught lessons about “consent”, gender identity and gender expression.  Over at another New York City private school, Columbia Grammar, kids learned  “three big male vulnerabilities”; “orgasm gap” showing straight women have far fewer orgasms with their partners than gay men or women; and photos of partially nude women, some in bondage, to analyze “what is porn and what is art.”

    “Creampie,” “anal,” “gangbang,” “stepmom” and are part of instruction.

    In order for Zeldin to win, he needs a minimum of 32% of Manhattan. This is a similar number for Brooklyn. The time is now. 

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    If you do not want your taxpayer money going to your 5 year old kids learning about creampies, anal, gangbangs and masturbating in public, do not look away, skip voting, or worry about crossing party lines. If these Bills pass, parental outrage will mean nothing; schools and educators will be given a green light with no end in sight to sexually exploit and traumatize students.  How long until bestiality enters the educational complex? “Young love” has already seeped in in an effort to make less pedophelia grotesque.  

    If these Bills aren’t enough to call moms to action, there’s more. 

    Hochul has zero plan to improve education. We can only assume she thinks taxpayers spending $28,000 per public school student annually in New York City (the highest in the nation) and who are in the bottom half of the country for reading and writing is great! 

    On her own website under education, she is focused on two things -- making all school busses electric by 2027 and more Federal taxpayer money; for teacher training (to teach about gangbangs?), SUNY and CUNY, part time tuition assistance, and community colleges. 

    How will Hochul’s plan help your kids get any job other than sex worker? How will degraded core curriculum be remedied? Instead of reading classics, books like It’s Perfectly Normal will be on the shelves and used to create and dictate lessons. 

    Call to action -- check out and veto Bills S2584A and A6616. Share this article and let other parents and grandparents know what is on the agenda. And make sure you not only get to the polls but bring five friends with you November 8th and vote Lee Zeldin. 

    Jackie is a weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.

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    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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