• No Matter How Much You Hate Tony Fauci, It Isn't Nearly Enough

    May 17, 2024
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    It's tempting when writing about Anthony Fauci to chronicle all of his diabolism. From his deadly failures managing the AIDS crisis to unnecessarily cruel experiments on puppies; from flip-flopping on virtually every topic related to Covid to denying the efficacy of ivermectin; from his god complex and churlish declaration that "I represent science" to working with companies like Moderna to develop Covid "vaccines" years before the virus popped up...in a "wet market."

    And then there's his resting smug face.

    YouTube screencap.

    It's not merely tiring, it's exhausting. Which is why The Manhattan, and by extension, CDMedia, love us some L, aka Lauren, aka @SomeBitchIIKnow. L is the host of Big Dig Energy, a podcast that takes deep dives into the vilest rabbit holes of our time.

    L's knowledge of Fauci is encyclopedic, and don't get her started on "Dr." Peter Daszak. So it was no surprise that she drew attention to the tweet below. Two days ago, Fauci was the keynote speaker at one of Columbia University's medical colleges. Odd choice for an institution already tarred with controversy. Even worse in retrospect, considering that Fauci (through the NIH) finally admitted that taxpayers funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan...one day later. After denying it for years.

    Funny how these conspiracies keep coming true.

    And now, at the Columbia commencement, Fauci had the utter temerity to warn graduates about "anti-science" narratives and conspiracy theories. You have to hand it to the crooked little man, he is nervy. Unabashed.

    To make matters worse, Fauci has legions of slavishly devoted followers. Still! The coffee mug below was spotted in a NYC doctor's office. (Yes, dear reader, we departed posthaste.)

    Spotted in a doctor's office... (credit: staff photographer).

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    Marshall Tillerman

    And Fauci, with his science bold,
    In his words, I find no gold.
    His guidance sought by crowds worldwide,
    Yet in my view, it's often belied.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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