• Andrew Cuomo: The AG's Case In New York "Should Have Never Been Brought" Against Trump

    June 23, 2024
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    Screenshot, Andrew Cuomo on Bill Maher Show (6/21/24)

    Andrew Cuomo said what everyone is thinking about the most recent lawfare case against Donald Trump in New York.

    He pointed out that 66% of people think the justice system has been weaponized after seeing what happened to Trump.

    "You want to talk about a threat to democracy," Cuomo said. "When you have this country believing you're playing politics with the justice system and you're trying to put people in jail or convict them for political reasons, then we have a real problem."

    Maher was frustrated that the Trump case was "always going to look like a sex case" and called his conviction in New York, "the greatest fundraising bonanza ever". He lamented how Trump has pulled "quite a bit ahead" of Biden after the "hush money trial" that even Maher didn't think should have been brought forward.

    "That case, the Attorney General's case in New York frankly should have never been brought," Andrew Cuomo told Bill Maher. "If his name was not Donald Trump and if he wasn't running for President. I'm the former AG in New York... I'm telling you that case would have never been brought. And that is what is offensive to people. And it should be. Because if there's anything left, it's belief in the justice system."

    And there you have it.

    Cuomo told the truth about the lawfare against Trump.

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