• Bowman Lost, That's Great, But It's Not A Watershed Moment For The Right

    June 26, 2024
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    George Latimer (X screencap).

    The congressional stain that was Jamaal Bowman has been erased. That is a good thing. It wasn't just the fire alarm business or the rape denial of October 7th. Bowman's antics in the halls of congress are a national embarrassment akin to Sen. John Fetterman's signature hoodie sweatshirt.

    The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) spent $14.5 million on the 16th District race, a record for a primary for a House seat. That kind of money could get Jeffrey Dahmer elected in Wisconsin. It isn't a symbolic win, and it doesn't foretell of a red wave.

    During the campaign, Bowman adopted the slogan, "For the many, not the money". It's catchy, but ironic: AIPAC took the George Soros model for winning campaigns and turned it on the "Squad". The Soros model is simple: inject large amounts of money into smaller races, such as the ones won by OG Squadsters Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar. Then mobilize voters to get to the polls using grassroots tactics, and voila! A new puppet DA, a new congressman, etc.

    But Bowman's loss doesn't mean anything except that the most powerful unelected force in American politics--AIPAC--wanted him gone. Many on the right are acting as though Bowman lost to a MAGA candidate. While Latimer is in many traditional ways the superior representative--he doesn't rant and leap like a sugar-high six year old--he is the very picture of the hired gun, a bought pol who embodies the Swamp.

    Then there's the misapprehension of the far left. Fellow Squad member Cori Bush bleated out the increasingly popular cope that AIPAC is "far-right". Let's be clear: a buffoon like Bowman was never a danger to MAGA. He is a danger to the increasingly fragile coalition of the left.

    Bush knows she can't call out Zionist influence too loudly, lest they dump more money into her next primary challenger's coffers. So it's the good old far-right bogeyman to the rescue.

    In the end, when it comes to Latimer, no, the new boss isn't just like the old boss. But if you think Latimer is better on any score besides optics, don't get fooled again.

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