• Why Is The Left Suddenly Confessing To So Many Lies?

    June 27, 2024
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    It's hard to keep up with the left these days. A fusillade of lies repeated over and over for years...and now, almost as many confessions (albeit through back channels) of guilt.

    Their figurehead, Joe Biden, is the master of the convenient lie. He grew up in synagogues and black Baptist churches, spoke to dead Amtrak engineers, saw the veins bulging on the necks of neo-Nazis, and his son Beau died while serving his country in Iraq...and the lies are repeated for years. It begins to feel like a mental test.

    "There are four lights!" (X screencap).

    Most prominently, we have the curious timing of the release of Julian Assange. Fifteen years of jail and sequestration, suddenly over. As if by magic.

    But let's look back a bit further. Three months ago, Biden's Dept. of Veteran's Affairs released a memo calling for the removal of the famous VJ-Day "Kiss" photo. An iconic moment of American celebration of the end of the world's most costly and brutal war, it signifies the hope that a nation can begin again, that all was not lost.

    The Biden administration claimed the memo was false. Fact checkers concurred. Then, a quiet reversal. No apologies, just a change of course.

    Unfortunately, that's a relatively minor switcheroo. Biden has been proselytizing and campaigning on lies such as Trump's alleged claim that neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville, VA were "very fine people".

    It's the kind of lie, repeated countlessly, that infuriates conservatives. So blatantly misrepresentative. Biden invoked images of men who "came out of the woods, veins bulging", and claimed that Trump called them "very fine people". For seven years. It was central to his 2020 campaign.

    And now, even Snopes admits the claim is false.

    What about Ashley Biden's diary and Hunter Biden's laptop? The company line was that both were fake. It took Hunter's recent trial to force the concession that the laptop is genuine, as it and its contents were sworn in as evidence.

    The salacious diary, in which Ashley laments that at age 14, she would wait until late at night to shower to avoid Joe Biden joining her to bathe, was also revealed to be genuine when legal action was brought to recover it.

    The latest revelation from Biden's freakshow administration is not technically a confession after a lie. However, whenever the name of trans woman "Rachel" Levine, Asst. Sec. for the Dept. of Health and Human Svcs. is invoked, suspicions are stirred.

    As it turns out, those concerns were very well founded, as Levine sought to have age limits for transgender surgeries removed outright.

    In the meantime, as all of the stories above have been confirmed to be true, the Saul Alinsky methodology of Biden's fey, fawning acolytes is in turbo mode. Harry Sisson, the diminutive Krassenstein brothers, Jojo from Jerz, Brooklyn Dad, and all the rest of Team Dementia Syndrome are blaming Trump for their own sins and shortcomings.

    Next thing you know, they'll be claiming Trump is lying about his uncle being shot down over Papua New Guinea where he was eaten by cannibals who worship a golden idol named Corn Pop.

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