• Putting The Psycho In Psychotherapist: NYC Shrink Loses His Cool, Spews Jewish Hatred

    June 29, 2024
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    Brian Thompson (X screencap).

    First we had the Jewish investment banker Jonathan Kaye losing his cool and knocking down women in Brooklyn. The tables have turned. A man identified by the "Shirion Collective" as New York therapist Brian Thompson went on an anti-Zionist rant yesterday in Manhattan. WARNING: strong profanity.

    As with so many videos in the smart phone era, Thompson's rant is free of context, but the degree of vitriol, not to mention assault (Thompson knocked the recording device out of the hands of the person taking the video) would be difficult to justify.

    Apparently, Thompson has since attempted to do damage control online. It appears that he amended his profile on the therapist search page on Psychology Today (see screencap below). Thompson purports to be anti-Zionist, which, depending on who you ask, is not technically anti-Semitic, but in the context of his violent rant, this distinction feels like pilpul.

    At the time of writing, his profile no longer loads.

    Just another reminder to all: when someone starts taking video, stop speaking. The repercussions are a serious matter: Jonathan Kaye lost his job at the investment bank Moelis after a 25 year career. The Manhattan will report on developments in the case of Thompson.

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