• Slap Fights Break Out At Twilight Of Pride Month

    June 30, 2024
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    In an ugly devolution of what has been an otherwise typical June, the Pride parade in New York concluded in a barrage of angry blows.

    Washington Square Park saw an unusual closure to the 30-day celebration of sexual otherness that is Pride. The humid afternoon, punctuated with a brief but heavy downpour, ended in a sort of queer UFC event.

    In Seattle, demonstrations included pandering to young children.

    In a "hold my beer" moment on the left coast, San Francisco Pride proffered a different kind of display (due to the sexually graphic content, we will provide a link instead of the tweet).

    Surely "Pride" isn't what the brave souls of Stonewall had in mind. The celebration of equal rights for gays, the achievement of broad cultural acceptance of alternate lifestyles, gay marriage--surely the way to canonize these milestones isn't to fight, court innocent children, or urinate on one another.

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