• Giuliani Disbarred In New York

    July 2, 2024
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    Rudy Giuliani (Public Domain).

    A Spotless Legacy...

    Rudy Giuliani, America's Mayor, the man who confronted the mafia and cleaned up New York City, the man who shepherded our greatest city through the trauma of 9/11, has been disbarred in the state of New York.

    It beggars belief that the left would stoop so low as to disbar an 80 year-old lion of law and order. Giuliani rescued New York City from collapse. He reinvented Times Square, transforming it from an open-air brothel and drug den into a thriving pedestrian space.

    He was the mayor during cultural touchstone NYC TV shows like Seinfeld and Friends. He laid the groundwork for the three-term run of Michael Bloomberg. His quality of life legislative measures led to the first large-scale demonstration that Broken Windows Theory works.

    Headaches and Hair Dye

    When his old friend Donald Trump was taking it on the chin during his first term as president, Giuliani stepped up. He came out of retirement swinging, and sometimes missing. Yes, he'd lost a step. Yes, he knew he was risking his legacy. But he fought for his friend and for America First.

    There were moments of embarrassment, including being caught in a compromising situation in a hotel room with a young woman. The footage appeared in a "Borat" film by Sacha Baron Cohen. There was the press conference held in the parking lot of a landscaping company. There was the hair dye incident.

    Even Steve Bannon, ever a stalwart defender, was forced to disavow claims made by Giuliani in the aftermath of January 6.

    Petty Revenge For Frustrated Lefties

    All in all, Giuliani's disbarment is petty revenge at a time when the left is collectively melting down. Torn apart by Israel-Hamas, still losing sleep over Roe v. Wade, and now positively apoplectic over Trump's immunity and crumbling cases brought against him, the ruling against Giuliani amounts to a hissy fit.

    It's a shame that such a once-towering force in New York is now unable to practice law here. The price for playing politics for Trump, the most polarizing man in the game, is a steep one. Still, there are many in New York, the U.S., and the world who will remember Giuliani primarily for the leadership he brought to bear when we all needed it most.

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