• UPDATE: Narrative-Altering Footage In Case Of Disgraced Investment Banker Jonathan Kaye

    July 2, 2024
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    On June 9th, The Manhattan reported on the case of Jonathan Kaye, investment banker with the firm Moelis. Video taken on a Brooklyn street captured Kaye punching a woman in the face; she fell hard on the pavement.

    New video has emerged which shows several moments before the initial version. Kaye was doused with several beverages, and struck in the forehead with a full bottle of Gatorade. He was also shoved prior to pushing one woman to the ground and punching the second.

    More context has emerged as well: the individuals harassing Kaye were protesting for Palestine. Kaye is Jewish. Furthermore, where in the first clip, Kaye seemed to be the aggressor, in this video it is clear that Kaye is singlehandedly fending off multiple assailants.

    Following the incident, Kaye turned himself in. He then resigned from Moelis after a 25 year career.

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