• NY Judge Strikes Down NYC Vax Mandate, Slams Mayor; Orders Worker Reinstatement With Back-Pay

    October 25, 2022
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    A New York Supreme Court judge on Monday struck down NYC's vaccine mandate for all city workersfinding that the rule was unconstitutional, arbitrary, and capricious.

    "So, we just defeated the vaccine mandate for every single city employee—not just sanitation," said Attorney Chad LaVeglia, who announced the verdict outside the Richmond County courthouse, adding that the mandate was now "null and void."

    "For all the brave men and women who have been our first responders and have been brave through all this are now free, and you should be able to go back to work," he added...

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    steve vincent

    And still he refuses. Today he is not obeying the law. His admin "disagrees" with the court. Clown.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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