• A New York Democrat That's Not A Kook

    November 4, 2022
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    Maria Danzilo is a lifelong Democrat that can no longer take the radical Left’s candidates or policies. She’s part of a ballooning group in the Democrat party and living in a Democrat enclave recognizing that electing radical kooks has resulted in New York’s decline. Whether it’s the war on women, small business owners, quality of life, or education, the radical arm of the Democrat party holding it hostage must be challenged.

    On November 8th, 2022, constituents will have a choice; electing Maria, a moderate Democrat, or incumbent Brad Holyman, to Manhattan’s District 47 for NY State Senate.

    I went onto Holyman’s website; his platform is vague. He mentions Trump, the environment, and “conversion therapy” for transgenders. What is not on his website is the crime spike in his district, plans to keep constituents safe, or anything pertaining to an economic recovery.

    “I made a conscious choice to go up against Hoylman”, says Maria. Holyman is chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee and represents New York’s 27th State Senate District, which covers much of lower and midtown Manhattan. He has written and sponsored legislation that has caused problem after problem during his time in office, including being one of 23 co-sponsors of bail reform which has proven utterly disastrous.

    Recently, a female jogger was raped along a popular running path in the heart of Manhattan at 5;30am by a homeless man with 25 priors. This happened in Holyman’s district but he was silent.

    Maria is horrified. “I don’t want to live in a city where women need to fear going out for a run. I’ve heard talk about a buddy-system, that this is what needs to happen. Ridiculous”, says Maria. “We can’t accept the idea that women need to have protection to go about their daily existence.” She goes on, “Women go to work early in the morning, walk their dogs, get a coffee before bringing kids to school, that they need to live in paralyzing panic in 2022 is egregious.”

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    Maria is a lawyer with decades of experience, both with the private sector and first amendment rights. Her top issues are public safety, the homeless and mental health crisis, economic recovery, and education.

    Regarding public safety, if elected, she’ll fight to add a Dangerousness Standard to the bail laws that already exists in 49 other states. She maintains that even Democrats can no longer rally behind the failure of bail reform.

    Safety is tied to the mushrooming homeless population, of which New York city rates the highest in the nation with 78,000. Following New York City are Los Angeles, Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego; all radical Left run to the ground failures. Maria insists service providers for the homeless and mentally ill must be held accountable and their expenditures transparent. Taxpayers spend $125,000 per homeless person annually, yet, New York City is in crisis. “So many of the homeless population are mentally ill and this is directly ratcheting up crime”, says Maria. She is in favor of expanding Kendra’s law which mandates a 72 hour hold to those posing a danger to themselves or others. She also supports longer term treatment for those with mentally health issues.

    Regarding the economy, New York has the highest tax rate in the country. Maria is in favor of lowering taxes as well as creating a competitive tax structure and removing strangling regulations on business. “We need to restore competitiveness and vitality in New York”, she admits.

    Finally, education, any mom will tell anyone listening it’s broken. “I believe in parental rights and the rights of parents to choose the best type of education for their children”, says Maria. “We should expand Gifted & Talented and maintain the SHSAT.” Indeed, parents from both political parties unite around this message..

    Maria Danzilo is running as an Independent on the Parent Party Line in one of the deepest blue areas in New York City. There are approximately 315,000 people in her district and approximately 193,000 registered voters. Registered Democrats make up 141,939 versus a paltry 12,941 Republicans. Unaffiliated count for 33,090. What Maria wants voters to know is this, “Keeping people safe shouldn’t be a partisan issue.” And without safety, nothing else matters, not the economy or education because no one, certainly no parent, will live in a place where their family is under gratuitous attack thanks to radical Left policies like the ones Holyman champions.

    If you want to learn more about Maria's campaign, please visit her website at maria4ny.com.



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    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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