• Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams, And NY City Councilman Chris Marte Take Money Connected To Murderous Chinese Communist Party

    April 19, 2023
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    There’s so little that makes sense, literally and figuratively, in New York City; we’re broke and broken. Unless one is detached from reality, there’s no way to put an optimistic spin on the Hochul / Adams policies that continue to tank what was once the world’s capital.

    The only thing that makes sense is that CCP (Chinese Communist Party) have set up shop here in Manhattan and are donors to the Adams and Hochul administration. It explains a lot about their determination to hold onto power and their ideological bent.

    What do donors get? Privileges, benefits, private time with elected officials, cover, political sway?

    The Democrat party has embraced Communism. There’s Obamacare and Common Core. There’s the government’s creation of DEI czars that threaten to withhold funds from schools and companies that don’t hire DEI personnel to run roughshod over the companies. Government has injected itself into the private sector (just look at Bill Into 632 that disallows landlords from doing background checks on murderers and rapists or Bill INT 0209 that will force Broadway to hire obese and transgender ballerinas and dancers). We have witnessed our rights stripped vis a vis mask, vaccine, and booster mandates. There were tyrannical and unconstitutional lockdowns. We have been forced to accept the “reimagining” of Manhattan’s traditionally safe and wealthy zip-codes under the guise of equity and diversity.

    In other words, Americans and specifically those living in Democrat enclaves like New York City, aren’t free in the way that our Constitution dictates. It is ignored when the federal and local government bypass it. What other rulers act like this? Dictators.

    Let’s go in chronological order. On October, 7, 2022, Daily Mail published an article that “China has set up dozens of secret police stations…including one in New York City, to hunt down and retrieve dissidents.” And this is the “one” we know about. Opened in April 2021, it was located on East Broadway between Chinatown and the Lower East Side. Safeguard Defenders' campaign manager, Laura Harth, said,'I think it shows how brazen the CCP is getting and how little regard they have for other governments. It's in violation of international law, it's in violation of territorial sovereign[ty]', she told Fox News. It also illustrates how the CCP views the Adams administration and District 1 City Council member Christopher Marte (up for reelection November 7th) as feeble and corruptible. The outpost was located in a safe place, Marte’s jurisdiction. In a report from Safeguard Defenders, “Chinese police conduct 'persuasion sessions.'”

    Let’s fast forward to April 17, 2023. As per a NY Post article, “Two men were accused… of running a secret police station in Manhattan on behalf of the Chinese government. "Harry" Lu Jianwang, 61, and Chen Jinping, 59, were each charged in Brooklyn federal court with conspiring to act as agents of China’s government and obstruction of justice for opening the covert outpost in Manhattan’s Chinatown in early 2022. Moreover, 44 other defendants were charged in two separate complaints in Brooklyn federal court for various crimes related to illegally acting on behalf of China in the US. More than 30 of those charged…were members of a Chinese police task force called the 912 Special Working Group that operated as a ‘troll farm’ out of a security building in Beijing, prosecutors said. The members of the task force created a host of fake online accounts – then spread Chinese state propaganda in an attempt to overwhelm speech that was critical of Beijing.”

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    As if this wasn’t bad enough, now comes the kicker. Two brothers, associated with the running of a Chinese government “police station” in Manhattan, Lu Jianwang and Lu Jianshun, have donated at least $32,625 to New York politicians, including Mayor Adams and Governor Hochul. They weren’t the only two to benefit from CCP money; Democratic members of the state Legislature and the New York City Council also profited. Court papers say that Lu Jianshun, who goes by “James Lu, “is among seven police station ‘principals’ who ‘support’ the allegedly illegal activities by acting as unregistered ‘agents’ of China’s governing Communist Party”, as per a Daily News article published April 18, 2023.

    Adams, who was an “an honorary guest” (he’s America’s guest) alongside James Lu at a gala hosted by the ChangLe Association in Queens this past September, will supposedly return the funds. The gala was “held to inaugurate James Lu as the group’s new president. A local Chinese-language news service quoted the mayor as saying in a speech at the event that ChangLe is an ‘important and powerful social organization’ that ‘makes great contributions to New York.’ The Adams campaign rep referred additional comment to the mayor’s government office, which said in an email about the ChangLe gala: “The mayor is invited to and attends dozens of events each week. His attendance is either to show support for a local community or boost the city and does not constitute any kind of endorsement.’” Oh, ok. Just a couple of things, how does CCP having an outpost in Manhattan “show support for a local community” or “boost the city”?

    According to state records, Hochul’s campaign also received $2,500 from James Lu in December 2021. So did Democrat New York Representative Grace Meng. As per federal filings, she received a $600 campaign contribution from Harry Lu. Meng represents Flushing, Queens, which boasts the largest Chinatown outside of Asia, 43%, and is rapidly growing. I wonder how her Chinese constituents who fled Communism for America, feel.

    Queens state Senator John Liu also took campaign money from the Lu brothers, according to state filings. “Harry Lu first gave a $500 campaign donation in 2006 to Liu, who was at the time a City Council member. His brother gave $300 to Liu the same year, records show. Since then, Harry Lu has given $2,100 to Liu’s comptroller and state Senate campaigns, records show. Over the same period, James Lu gave $13,625 to Liu’s campaigns, with the most recent donation of $1,000 dated Jan. 12, 2022, according to state filings.”

    Finally, we get to the Democrat’s Progressive Caucus’ golden boy Christopher Marte. He sent a representative from his office to the elected official all-star September 26 gala. City records confirm that last year, Harry Lu and his brother donated a combined $700 to Marte’s campaign. Marte represents 27,200 Asian residents. Imagine how they would feel if they knew he took money from a group looking to round them up and fill them with propaganda they thought they escaped by living in America.

    How many other elected government officials deal with or have taken money from people or groups connected with Communism and the CCP? How many of the policies that are suppressing and destroying New York City residents are influenced by this money and these operatives? And how can these elected officials be permitted to remain in power?



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    clarence James

    It is time to shut down and classify the democratic party as a representative of a foreign government that has infiltrated itself into the present Biden administration. Their purpose is law fare against the constitution and everyone who holds to the bill of rights. Why, if the 2nd amendment is constantly under attack in the courts and millions of dollars are raised to supposedly to overthrow that right, why do we allow the PODs {party of death} and the Rhinos to constantly attack it in order to over throw it? They want everyone except themselves to be disarmed. Why are they also attacking free speech under the guise of hate speech which is none of the business of the government, and where do we draw the line between free speech and political speech? It is time for a revolution in the understanding of America that the constitution is the highest law of the land and any law passed must pass the muster of that document or it is not law but a dictatorial usurpation of the constitution. We have wealthy families and and banking systems set up to steal everything from American citizens, disenfranchising us from those RIGHTS not privileges that our forefathers enshrined into our constitution, while some Supreme Court Justices in the past have gone around the world speaking evil of it, running it down to other nations, yet they remain an enemy of that document they swore to uphold?

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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