• White Democrat Men In Office Should Take Advantage Of Hochul’s Mental Health Plan

    May 12, 2023
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    Image by New York Senate 

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    Calling all mental health experts on deck. CRISIS. White Democrat men in public office need an intervention, stat.

    A bizarre trend of debasing oneself by apologizing for and insulting one’s own whiteness has metastasized like a cancer. We’re amidst a pandemic of the mentally unfit. The question is, do white men in power hate themselves or are they virtue signaling in order to remain in good Democrat standing which demands repudiating white men?

    White as snow New York State Senator Brad Hoylman-Sigal tweeted out a black and white image of various white men accompanied by text; “This photo: male, pale, stale.”

    There’s pasty New York City Council member Lincoln Restler who said, “Most offensive was the white guy who moved into Bed-Stuy. Yes – Bed-Stuy, iconic home of Bk Black community – to run for assembly this year. At least he lost.” Is Restler advocating for segregated areas? This calls into question his indefatigable advocacy on behalf of flooding Manhattan with illegals. As per Pew Research Center, Mexico is the top origin country of the U.S. immigrant population…with roughly 11.2 million immigrants living in the U.S., accounting for 25% of all U.S. immigrants. The next largest origin groups were those from China, 6%,, India 6%, the Philippines, 4%, and El Salvador at 3%. Based on Restler’s logic, these groups should be situated in communities that look like them.

    Then there’s New York City’s financier, Comptroller Brad Lander - also guiltily white. Unhappy with the trajectory of the results of the 2020 presidential election prior to it being called for Biden, he said “It’s deeply depressing to live in a country where so many people vote for racist authoritarianism.” Note to Brad, you live in the most diverse city, in the most diverse state, in the most diverse country in the world. Over 600 languages are spoken in the Big Apple. Just because someone votes for a white man doesn’t make him or her racist.

    As part of Governor Hochul’s $220 billion dollar “budget”, details of her comprehensive $1 billion multi-year plan to overhaul the continuum of mental health care are meant to drastically reduce the number of individuals with unmet mental health needs throughout the state.

    Good news for the two Brads and one Restler. Zero facetiousness - these three white men are screaming for help.

    There are two possibilities to explain their behavior. First, that they think demeaning themselves is endearing to the “anti-racist” crowd. We’re told time and time again from DEI acolytes, it’s not enough to not be racist, one must be “anti-racist.” Or second, they suffer from self-loathing.

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    If it’s the first, which is the more likely scenario, America at large needs to hold the puppeteer that delivered us BLM, CRT, DEI, and SEL legally responsible. America is 64.1% white according to the Census Bureau. This is down from 74.7% in 2010. Since the beginning of time, no majority has ever served the minority and survived, which is exactly the premise of the Left. What we’re seeing from the top - elected officials (or the bottom ones depending on how one looks at it) - is civil decay at warp speed. How can America continue if white people must profess to hate being white in order to get elected, get hired, remain employed, or get into school?

    The “anti-racist” movement is a sham. If the two Brads and Restler really believe it, they’d resign from office so a person of color could have a shot at winning their respective seats. Moreover, they could take the Admiral Rachel Levine route and mutilate their white skins with an injection of pigment and so alleviate their guilt. Sound ridiculous or offensive? No more so than three white men discussing so openly their hatred for white men.

    If it’s the second scenario, i.e., that the two Brads and Restler suffer from such self-loathing, why is it suddenly appearing? Hoylman-Sigal was first elected in 2012, to the 47th District in the New York State Senate. Restler became involved in politics while in undergrad with the Providence, Rhode Island City Council re-election campaign of David Segal and in the 2008 presidential primary supporting Barack Obama. Lander first appeared as a City Council member in 2009. In other words, each of them have been on the scene for over ten years. Were they always ashamed of their pigmentation? If so, it was internalized - only in recent history have they used their power and time in office wailing when they see a white face staring back at them in the mirror.

    As per Web MD, “Self-loathing is a feeling that resembles self-hate, as it constantly pushes the idea that you’re not good enough. As a consequence, you might feel like you don’t deserve love or that bad things happen to you for a reason. Self-loathing manifests itself through consistent negative thoughts which are closely tied to excessive self-criticism. While self-criticism is a healthy aspect of life, it can start to overshadow other thought patterns when you're going through a self-loathing phase. If self-loathing goes on for too long, it can lead to more severe conditions, like depression or substance abuse. Similarly, to a lesser degree, it can lead to violence toward others or feelings of inferiority.”

    Such self loathing needs to be examined. First, because the two Brads and the one Lincoln’s mental health issues have interfered with their ability to govern effectively and without bias. Second, because they have power and a platform to negatively impact little white boys and girls who might now wonder why whiteness is so shameful. Both the Brads have children and their children are white. We don’t know the degree of self-loathing they have undergone at the hands of the Brads.

    So where does self-loathing originate? As per Ask Psychologist, “The term abasement most commonly means a lowering of one’s rank, prestige, or psychological sense of worth. And self-debasement is usually about having a desire to degrade or denigrate oneself. There are many possible explanations for why a person might want to take the blame for others. Some individuals have, for various reasons, developed a particular sensitivity toward anyone’s being punished. Others seem to regard it as a badge of honor and strength that they can take upon themselves the wrath that might be directed toward others. Still others have relatively rare personality predispositions in which they derive satisfaction from being humiliated, debased, discredited, and looked down upon. Some individuals are so desperate for a sense of affiliation and acceptance and so insecure about the more common ways to attain those goals that they can resort to some fairly self-defeating ways (including the willingness to be everyone’s “doormat”) to get what they need. So, if you care about your friend and you don’t want to see him hurt himself in the long run, encourage him to seek some professional help.”

    Once again, the public is given a frontrow seat that for all the CRT, DEI, and SEL rhetoric and policies, they make race relations worse and are having a disastrous impact on people’s self esteem and psyche. Plus, they make for awful bad government.

    A weekly Human Events contributor, 1st book hitting the shelves in March 2023, Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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    Joy Toboroff

    I my 73 years in NY ive never seen such racism as now. A Totally Manufactured Totally False narrative started by a small violent group that has been facilitated and perpetrated by cowardly corporations and media. In the name of equality 13% of the population has a pass on criminal behavior plus preference
    In the work place in college admissions in healthcare regardless of qualifications. Ignored by media Unprecedented crime has destroyed major cities yet few speak the truth. With such unbridled entitlement thats only caused chaos its no winder now theres real racism.
    Wake up people. Wake up whites. Stop this bullshit. Five years ago there was no endemic or systemic racism in our nation cities and institutions but there is now as a backlash and its growing.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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