• Privilege Blocks And Bonus Holes

    July 21, 2023
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    Instead of focusing on “privilege blocks” and “bonus holes”, Biden’s Barnum and Bailey Circus administration should focus on running, and not ruining, America.

    The plan was to bring my kids to visit my parents who fled Manhattan and moved to France in April, just before the onslaught of heroin injection sites, illegals, homeless encampments, and summer BLM riots. The first hiccup was my mistake - we got to the airport only to realize my son’s passport expired. Here's the thing - we would have been screwed regardless.

    The latest rule from the State Department (which issues passports) is this; one needs proof of international travel and a passport can’t be issued outside of ten days of the trip. It’s the logic of a lunatic because, as the bureaucrat says, “there’s no guarantee you’ll get the passport within ten days.” In fact, it’s almost a certainty you won’t. Like a port-o-potty at a music festival, America is backed up, but only when it comes to providing services for its tax paying citizens funding the disappearing services.

    They move freaking mountains for illegals. Plied with driver's licenses, interpreters, police escorts, Medicaid, there’s no service denied or not miracled up instantly. But for Americans that want to visit family, attend funerals in foreign lands, or just plain travel, they’re treated like we should’ve treated the illegals. Americans would have a better chance getting to where they want to go pretending to be asylum seekers rather than jumping through gratuitous and expensive hoops trying to ascertain a passport.

    Returning home from the airport, my kids were dejected but I was determined. I called every expediter in New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey. No luck - they said they’re so backed up. Desperados who manage to get appointments are directed to Honolulu. One third party expediter asked if I could get to Buffalo, New York in three weeks for a 9:am appointment. The caveat - a new itinerary would need to be issued and the appointment would need to be made within ten days of the trip, but there’s no guarantee the appointment would still be available after that headache and expense. Also, the drive is six and a half hours from Manhattan so we’d need to set out in a car by 2am, which unbelievably was the easiest part of the mission.

    I called a travel agent. He called a friend. We magiced up an appointment at the Department of State in three days time. A copious amount of paperwork was needed; forms filled out, documents printed, and the judgment for sole custody I was awarded.

    We reached the front of the line. A factotum pored over the paperwork like she was giving me an anal cavity exam. Again, I thought of illegals crossing the border, free of rules, immune to COVID checks or probing medical questions, without ID, but part of the protected class.

    “You need your ex”, said unelected bureaucrat misery. “No. This is a judgment from a judge. A legally binding order. It’s a total of three paragraphs and states clearly, ‘the mother has final say.’ The point of this document is that I don’t need my ex. In fact, each time I called the Department of State and got a different person on the line, I verified this exact fact.’”

    “Doesn’t look clear to me”, she said. In five words, this legally deficient and illiterate human took away years of battling, time, money and reduced the court of law and my maternal victory to ashes.

    Who is she/her/them/they? She's the gatekeeper standing between me getting my American son from an all-American born family a passport and being allowed to travel. She also has the deadly trifecta of being a “law-denier”, an idiot, and the boss.

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    I called my ex. Thankfully, we were on speaking terms, he wasn’t infirmed, in a mental institution, in drug rehab, behind bars, and was living in the same city and state. I mean, how does this dolt represent our country? She’s the exact person that should be manning the border - she wouldn’t let the illegals in even with an order.

    After hours, we got our passports, hightailed it back to the airport, fought for consecutive seats, and then sat on the tarmac for three hours. “JFK is always the problem”, says the stewardess when I ask about the delay. “They’re short staffed and very busy.”

    The delay at JFK resulted in missing the connection at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. Now, we had to find a new departure time. After four hours, we boarded the second flight to find out, there’s a delay. Again, no reason why is offered. But, France and America are simpatico in all the wrong things which might explain why so much is falling apart. France is engulfed in riots, besieged by illegals, financially strapped due to climate albatrosses, and seemingly prioritizes things that truly hinder production and function.



    Jackie Toboroff

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