• The Death And Life Of Edward Wild: New Novel Addresses The Importance Of A Moral Life

    June 12, 2023
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    Guest post by Peter Falkenberg Brown

    Vast numbers of people around the world, including millions of young people, are adrift in a sea of moral and ethical confusion. Many no longer find any value in religious or spiritual practices and have been unduly influenced by atheistic and humanistic ideologies that are harmful to individuals and to society.

    I’ve written a new novel: The Death and Life of Edward Wild: The Postmortem Adventures of a Modern Man, to present the reality that all human beings share a set of universal ethics that—when practiced—lead to spiritual and emotional health in one’s physical life on Earth as well as in what some people call the “afterlife” or “spirit world.”

    Edward Wild is a novel of death and life and what may be true. It’s a story of escape, of hope and redemption, and enduring romance. After the Shakespearean actor Edward Wild is killed in 2022 in Greenwich Village and ends up in a lower realm of the afterlife, he meets Molly Kendall. Neither of them could have guessed how their lives would change. . .

    The novel squarely addresses the question of life after death in a non-sectarian fashion. There are so many divergent beliefs about the potential reality of the spirit world that I decided to not offer any doctrinal or theological justifications for the environment set forth in the novel. Instead, I presented what feels true to me, based on a number of spiritual and logical premises that have become central to my life.

    For example, if God is an indwelling, omnipresent, and eternal God of love who created human beings to experience love and beauty, then, to me, it makes sense that God would create life and identity to continue forever, with an unwavering goal to strengthen and deepen relationships of sacred love.

    In Chapter 36: “Respice Finem” (Latin for “Consider the End”), a character in the story states:

    “The fundamental requirements [for spiritual maturity] are kindness and love and humility toward the truth of things. The desire to be loving and kind and the knowledge that we all must grow set us on a path toward a rich and illuminated life.”

    She gestured toward the water in front of them and said, “Look at the vastness of the ocean. True humility comes from the realization that the universe has an intelligent and creative source beyond the scope of humans, that the universe and creation and humanity are not the playthings of men and women of hubris. Hubris can harm people on the Earth because good and evil can coexist there, but in the spirit world the condition of a person’s heart restricts them to an environment that is their match.”

    Today, in a world gone mad, people need an anchor that can be easily explained—an anchor of virtue that is inspiring and ennobling. The Death and Life of Edward Wild attempts to offer that spiritual anchor and, at the same time, move and inspire the reader with adventure, imagination, and an enduring romance.

    Early reader comments have been gratifying. Here are three:

    You have written a wonderfully heartwarming, deeply thoughtful, well-plotted book that carried me along as I read. You achieved the “I didn’t want to put it down” status! [Gillian Kampitch, MRE, Board Certified Chaplain, New Bern, North Carolina]

    In the literary tradition of Homer, Dante, Milton, and Lewis, Peter Falkenberg Brown has crafted a tale that carries the reader through hell on earth and in the spiritual world to wondrous realms of contentment and joy. All the while, the reader feels a longing and hope that Peter’s vision is not only a beautiful tale but true. Feed your heart and soul, pick up this book, and read it! [Jeffrey Scharfen, Attorney and English Literature Teacher, Santa Rosa, California]

    Edward Wild’s journey is told in stories strung together like fine gems. A few of these follow Edward into dark places before he emerges to a vision of paradise and renewed hope. I most enjoyed the chapters that dive deep into the meaning of life, love, and other important topics. With so much wisdom embedded in the book, one can look forward to reading it again and again. [Liza Pajak, Woolwich, Maine]

    I sincerely hope that this “wee book” will inspire, entertain, and uplift readers of all ages.

    Published by the World Community Press, 452 pages.

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