• U.S. Birth Rates Drop 20% As Population Grows

    September 20, 2023
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    U.S. birth rates have dropped 20%. This is nearly the lowest level in a century.

    According to a Pew Research Center Survey, 44% of millennials and Gen Z non-parents ages 18 to 49 say it’s "not too likely" or "not likely at all" that they will have children.

    The reasons for the plummet in U.S. birth rates seem to be linked to an alleged Biden administration plan to lower the indigenous birth rate and replace it with illegal migrants. This is what critics have been calling “The Great Reset.” Whether this is denied or not, there’s no arguing with arithmetic.

    How is this alleged plan realized? Messaging coming from the Biden administration and Democrat elected officials, educational complex, Hollywood, and mainstream media. Young adults cite the following reasons for not wanting to marry and have children: “changing family values”, “relationship instability”, and "no one can afford kids."

    Let’s first examine how the educational complex and Democrat public servants are negatively impacting the U.S. birth rate. Biden’s secretary of “Health”, “Rachel” Levine, a man who demands to be called a woman, inserts himself into what happens to American children while in school. New York City Mayor Adams supports Drag Queen Story Hour for Kids. New York State Department of Education has made “Gender Affirmation” and transitioning 2.5 year olds its focus. And the NEA (National Education Association) had its 3 million members read Gender Queer this summer.

    Now, let’s examine how Hollywood and mainstream media negatively impact getting married and starting a family. For the most part, celebrities are in lockstep with the Democrat agenda. Whether griping about “climate justice” from their private plane or mega-yacht, they’ve given oxygen to what is a financial albatross and an outlook nightmarish enough to scare the hell out of impressionable kids. Children who want to be accepted by their peers and not punished by activist teachers have jumped on the “climate justice” bandwagon.

    Greta Thunberg, an angry sixteen year old with seemingly mental issues and no formal education on the climate has been anointed an “expert” on the subject. She is routinely featured and exploited on mainstream media. Thunberg says kids “will never forgive' them [leaders?]” for failing on climate change. “We are in the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.” Kim Kardashian said of Thunberg, 'I think she's such a brave and strong young woman that has really stood up for what she believes in.' History affords us plenty of nightmares that have “stood up for what they believe in.”

    And which mother alive can forget the combined message from Democrat public servants, the educational complex, and mainstream media telling kids that they’re vectors of transmission and merchants of death if they didn’t get an experimental vaccine that wasn’t approved by the FDA?

    Then of course, there’s the financial realities of having kids. Democrat elected officials have done their damndest to make sure people can’t even afford chicken, let alone a child. Here in New York City, Adams has taxpayers footing the bill for illegal migrants to stay in $400 a night Manhattan luxury hotels.Now here’s the kicker, despite U.S. birth rates being at record lows, guess what’s happening. The U.S. population is going up. Can you figure out why?

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    Jackie Toboroff

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