• Day 1 Outside The Trump Trial

    April 15, 2024
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    Outside the NY Supreme Court. Credit: staff photographer.

    Circus Time!

    Day one of the Trump trial got off to a wary start in Collect Pond Park behind the New York Supreme Court building. Wary? Yes, wary. Those assembled eyed one another more than New Yorkers typically do. Many wore or carried clear markers of the side they support, such as MAGA hats and American flags, or in the case of Democrats, identical signs that were handed out to them upon arrival.

    When a citizen reporter asked a disheveled, hysterical anti-Trump demonstrator if she was a legal citizen (due to her heavy Latina accent), a Trump supporter interrupted, not so much to defend the woman as to attack the questioner.

    "What you're asking--the way you're asking--could be a problem for our side. I'm pro-Trump, 100 percent, and I don't support this lady at all, but your questions seem very fishy to me, and you might be a Fed-boy."

    Whistles of approval went up from the crowd. This wariness is clearly born of January 6th and the dictatorial aftermath led by Biden's gestapo, formerly known as the FBI and CIA.

    Mainstream media...identical trucks, identical message. Ibid.

    Turnout wasn't impressive at the start, except for the media. Scores of satellite trucks parked bumper-to-curb on Lafayette Street, while on Centre, reporters and their cameras, lighting, and microphones were arrayed in a line 200 yards long. More and more people started to show up, mostly on the Trump side.

    Regardless of who they supported, colorful characters filled the plaza.

    Scarf-face. Fashion icon of Collect Pond Park. Ibid.

    Giuliani and Loomer

    We were pleased to speak to Andrew Giuliani, son of "America's Mayor," Rudy Giuliani. The younger Giuliani held court in the park outside the court house for hours. He shared a few broad views on the case with The Manhattan.

    Regarding what's next in the trial: "As for the jury selection, I think that will take three weeks, and that's if Merchan is fair."

    As for the basis of the trial: "Joe Biden couldn't bring this case, he had to have a Soros-funded DA do it."

    Andrew Giuliani. Ibid.

    Also present was Laura Loomer, the social media gadfly and one-time Florida congressional candidate. Loomer makes her living supporting Trump, so it's no surprise she was present. Her primary role appeared to be manning the bullhorn and leading part of the crowd in chants of "Donald Trump did nothing wrong! Donald Trump did nothing wrong!"

    The police told her to stop using the bullhorn. She ignored them.

    Laura Loomer. Ibid.

    She also found time to speak to us. When asked what should happen to Biden for his dark and sundry crimes, she said, "There's no accountability for Joe Biden. These people are communists. We need to be out here for President Trump or we are going to become a communist country."

    The Small, Overly-Coordinated Opposition

    Perhaps the most touching protest was musical, with no words. A quirky fellow you might expect to meet in Greenwich Village in the '60s stood on a bench playing a flute. Yankee Doodle Dandy, The Star Spangled Banner, and the like. He didn't play well, but the songs were recognizable. It would have been a perfect paean to Trump and all the unAmerican treatment he has faced during the Biden years...except the man's sign was covered in debunked mainstream lies and opinions.

    Flute player, play your flute 'cause. Ibid.

    The rest of them? There were fewer than 20 of them, there were many Karens, but they had professionally made signs.


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