• Trump Delivers Pizza, Knicks Advance In Playoffs, Violent Trans Girl Beats Up Real Girl: Just Another Day In New York

    May 3, 2024
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    President Trump inspects a pizza. Public domain.

    The last 24 hours have evoked the axiom "It all happens here." It's like a spaghetti western every day, what with the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. Let's get to it!

    It's Friday, So Let's Start With The Good Stuff

    President Donald Trump is making the Trial of the Century look like a minor distraction. First, on Wednesday, Trump started his day in New York, flew to Wisconsin for the first rally since the trial began, flew to Michigan for another huge rally, then flew back to New York to be in court the next morning. One struggles to imagine Biden attempting half as much.

    But that was all preamble to yesterday, a true New York moment: Trump delivering pizza to firefighters. After spending another day in a lawfare trial timed to keep him off the campaign trail, Trump found the energy to deliver Xeno's pizza to Engine Co. 8, Ladder Co. 2 in Midtown, where New York's Bravest yelled, "Sir, please save us!" and "You gotta win!"


    It's about time. The Knicks haven't been a legitimate playoff threat for over ten years, and it's been over two decades since they were perennial contenders. Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart And Donte DiVincenzo--the trio of Villanova talent--helped push the Knicks over the line after a disappointing game 5 collapse.

    The team has been on fire (24-5) since acquiring OG Anunoby, whose strong defensive effort was a key piece of the puzzle last night. The Knicks haven't lost back-to-back games with Anunoby in the lineup.

    Next, the Knicks face the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinal, beginning on Monday.

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    Are You Noticing A Pattern?

    The good gals at Reduxx have done it again, capturing the essence of the trans movement on video like a fart in a bottle. A fight broke out at Arcadia High in Rochester, where a young trans woman in a sweatsuit and dreadlocks beat an actual young woman about the head and torso. The fight started in a school bathroom stall and spilled out into the hallway.

    The destructive, unnatural, yet somehow trendy charade of dressing like the opposite gender, taking hormone therapy to develop into someone they aren't, and even lopping off healthy tissue to mimic a shape they'll never quite achieve, continues unabated.

    Blame the HRT, blame society, poor parenting, heck, blame mirrors for reflecting the truth: these imposters aren't fitting in, and as a result, their anger frequently spills over. Then, the fights, much like de facto coed athletic contests, go just the way you'd think.

    The mantra from the left, their pre-crime admonition, is to "protect trans people". In their haste, they forgot a couple of words. Protect US FROM trans people.

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