• Activist DEI Judge Shows Rot In NY Judiciary, Denies 2A... This Is Why Trump Won't Get A Fair Trial

    April 24, 2024
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    Abena Darkeh (YouTube screencap).

    The "competency crisis" is already here in New York City. In case you haven't heard the term, a competency crisis arises when the people available to perform complex tasks in complex systems aren't capable of doing the work. The result: systems crash. Injustice abounds. Eventually, chaos.

    Take air traffic control, for instance, or piloting commercial aircraft. No one wants the most diverse controllers and pilots. They want the best, the most capable, because anything else is to gamble with many lives.

    Completely organic.

    Now apply this idea to the New York judiciary, where many programs and practices have thrust the diverse into positions of legal power over the most qualified. As Mayor Eric Adams recently asked a friendly audience, "Have you ever seen this much chocolate running the city of New York?"

    No, Mayor, we have not. What we are seeing is evidence that the best and brightest are not in the seats of power in New York. Judge Abena Darkeh, who sits on the NY Supreme Court, really put her foot in it Monday. During a hearing, on a nonviolent gun posession case, Darkeh declared, "Do not bring the Second Amendment into this courtroom. It doesn’t exist here. So you can’t argue Second Amendment. This is New York."

    Such ignorance. Such hubris.

    Dexter Taylor is the defendant in the case. Taylor took up the hobby of gunsmithing during the pandemic. Despite never once firing any of the guns he fashioned in his shop, he faces "second-degree criminal possession of a loaded weapon, four counts of third-degree criminal possession of a weapon, five counts of criminal possession of a firearm, second-degree criminal possession of five or more firearms, unlawful possession of pistol ammunition, violation of certificate of registration, prohibition on unfinished frames or receivers."

    Read the full story of Taylor here, as reported by Red State. Darkeh went out of her way to do the prosecutor's job of painting Taylor in the worst possible light, when in fact, Taylor had done nothing violent, nor were those around him concerned.

    Darkeh's History

    How does a person such as Darkeh rise to such a prominent position? With the help of "mentors," "newly created positions" and Democrat-issued political appointments. Darkeh went to Georgetown for undergraduate studies, then on to Hofstra for law school. She soon found that others in the liberal halls of justice were paving paths for her.

    "Judge Darkeh thought she would stay at the District Attorney’s Office and eventually become a homicide prosecutor, but in 1998 she was recruited to work for the administrative judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York instead. “The opportunity — a newly created position designed to manage and implement the Court’s citywide Domestic Violence Intervention Plan — seemed to come out of nowhere, but I soon learned a former supervisor and executive ADA had recommended me for the position based upon her observations of my work as a domestic violence prosecutor,” she says. “The advisor believed strongly that it was an opportunity I shouldn’t miss.” "

    --Hofstra Univ. Law News

    Darkeh was appointed to the criminal court by Mayor Bill De Blasio in 2015. A few short years later, she was appointed to the NY Supreme Court, where she ruled against Taylor.

    Not Her First Rodeo

    Darkeh has made the news for another reason: freeing violent criminals without bail. It was a "New York Has A Brand" moment, the same nonsense that earns us ridicule from the rest of the country and world: a prosecutor requested a $30,000 bail for Oluwasean Are, 20, but Manhattan Judge Abena Darkeh let him go free. Are was charged with robbing a citizen at gunpoint.

    In light of what we have learned about Trump Judges Arthur Engoron and Juan Merchan, the New York judiciary is deeply suspect. Now throw in the incompetent Fani Willis and her boyfriend prosecutor Nathan Wade, political operative and Soros-funded AG Letitia James, and crooked DA Alvin Bragg, and you can easily surmise that Donald Trump will never receive a fair trial in the Excelsior State.

    The New York City judiciary is a political weapon from the ground up, at all levels. In the Democrat Party's arsenal, it fits right in between mass media and the intelligence agencies.

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