• Replacing Traditional Neighborhood Businesses With Smoke Shops

    January 4, 2023
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    Remember MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Where are the New York City MASSOAEB, Mothers Against Smoke Shops On Almost Every Block? Ladies, just like with school closures and mandates, we’re not stepping up in time and when we finally do speak out, it is going to be too late.

    Under the guise of “social justice”, “diversity” and “equity”, Mayor Adams has done something no New York City mayor has ever done; push drugs and brag about it lining the coffers. Mayor Adams said, “The legal cannabis market has the potential to be a major boon to New York’s economic recovery — creating new jobs, building wealth in historically underserved communities, and increasing state and local tax revenue.”

    “For generations, communities of color across our city have experienced the compounding social and economic impacts of the ‘War on Drugs.’ The end of prohibition and the emerging New York cannabis industry opens avenues for change and prosperity,” said Mayor's Office of Equity Commissioner Sideya Sherman.

    Moms, fighting tooth and nail to keep their children off drugs, are now faced with two issues. First, that drugs have been mainstreamed. An argument can be made that mandating kids to get an FDA unapproved “vaccine” was the roll-out to this mindset, lowering the threshold and making drugs “lifesavers” and making needles less daunting. Second, a degraded quality of life radiating from smoke shops selling weed, almost as ubiquitous as Starbucks, is destroying traditionally safe neighborhoods (almost as if this was the plan). According to Democrats, if one doesn't like the destruction of the youth, one is a racist.

    On New York City subways, there are posters saying, “Don’t be ashamed if you are using, be empowered that you are using safely.” Another says, “Fentanyl test strips can help save your life.” Making heroin aspirational is brought to us by NYC Health (a mirthless joke) and New York City Mayor Adams (the self proclaimed health conscious vegan). Promoting death and debt publicly for children doing the school commute.

    According to the Department of Health, throughout the five boroughs, there are 1,458 businesses registered as convenience stores selling tobacco products. Of those, 341 are located in Manhattan, Queens has 371, Brooklyn has 431, the Bronx has 216, and Staten Island has 99. How many sell weed? How many more are coming?

    “From day one, this administration has made equity a primary focus of New York City’s economic recovery, with small businesses at the heart of this effort,” said SBS Commissioner Kevin D. Kim. NYC.GOV, referring to cannabis.

    Mayor Adams says, “The adult-use cannabis industry is expected to generate nearly $1.3 billion in sales in its first year and support between 19,000 and 24,000 jobs within three years.” From where are they getting these numbers? Likely, the reverse is true, normal businesses will close because of the unsafe atmosphere and limited traffic from normals not wanting to hopscotch over junkies. Adams adds, “This presents a major opportunity to jumpstart New York City’s economic recovery, while addressing some of the longstanding inequities exacerbated during the pandemic.”

    What in hell does this mean? Democrat one party rule issued the lockdowns and the mandates. That it’s now gaslighting the public into thinking minorities suffered adversely on account of COVID and white supremacy is absurd. If minorities did suffer disproportionately, only the Democrat rulers are to blame. They shut down businesses and kowtowed to teachers unions, keeping schools closed and then tying themselves to virtual “education’, which has proven catastrophic. They did this prematurely and then refused to course correct and reopen schools long after studies showed the academic, social, emotional, and behavioral decline.

    Because the Democrats royally screwed the economy, they are focused not on fixing crime and creating a safe, business friendly atmosphere, but on “reimaging” New York City and it literally involves getting people hooked on drugs. In a clean, safe neighborhood, traditional businesses improve the community, create jobs and are centers of attraction. Bringing in smoke shops doesn’t bring in traditional businesses, it chases them out. Furthermore, Adams implies that convicts and “people of color” are only qualified to sell drugs.

    The youth will fall victim because of how readily accessible drugs are and how aspirational they’ve been made to appear.

    The people at the top of the line to get weed licenses are convicts, naturally. Mayor Adams says, “I want to talk about those who are part of the legacy project, those with prior convictions because of heavy-handed policing in many of the communities. Yes, they should be front in line to receive some of the licensing, but we need to go throughout the entire process. We don’t want just to be those individuals to be part of selling.” Translation, Adams says one effectively needs a background in crime to sell drugs.

    “New York City is putting economic justice front and center with these first wave investments in equitable cannabis business development and outreach programming,” said Lindsay Greene, president and CEO, Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation; and member, 2018 New York City Task Force on Cannabis Legalization.

    “Building out New York’s cannabis industry is a team effort, and it’s wonderful to have New York City Mayor Eric Adams on board with our efforts to center social equity and job creation,” said Tremaine Wright, chair, Cannabis Control Board.

    “We are working to build the most robust, equitable and thoughtful cannabis industry in the nation, and we deeply appreciate the support of this administration as we do so,” said Chris Alexander, executive director, Office of Cannabis Management.

    “The war on drugs unleashed severe damage and ruined many lives — particularly in communities of color,” said New York State Senator James Sanders Jr. Is the goal to now ruin people’s lives who aren’t of color? Sanders Jr continues, “We must ensure that companies that profit the most from the legalization of cannabis will contribute part of their profits back into the communities most harmed by the war on drugs.”

    “For many years, our communities have been impacted by discrimination and poverty. Now that the cannabis industry will be opening in New York State, we must ensure that those same communities that were marginalized are the first to benefit from what they were condemned for,” said New York State Senator Luis Sepúlveda.

    “It is of critical importance for the city of New York to support and invest in the legalization of marijuana in neighborhoods that were devastated by the war on drugs. We need to be mindful of marginalized communities that have been disproportionately incarcerated because of punitive marijuana laws. Investments in a multi-agency approach for outreach to new dispensaries and businesses will only ease navigating the licensing process,” said New York City Councilmember Julie Menin, chair, Committee on Small Business. Hey Upper East Side moms, you helped elect Democrat Menin to your uber wealthy residential district. You get what you vote for.

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    “The mayor's new investments will allow community members to find opportunities in the cannabis industry. Minorities have been unfairly targeted even though consumption rates were virtually identical across races,” said New York City Councilmember Nantasha Williams. “I look forward to supporting the mayor's initiative and having continuous conversations around restorative justice and social equity to provide support to communities most impacted by marijuana.”

    Look, the drug trade is a tremendous money maker for the cultivators, those manufacturing the product, and the city. Just like with bringing in the illegals, the end goal is to get them to vote; Mayor Adams wanted all 800,000 non citizens to have a say in our elections. Legalizing and pushing weed is the first step. Heroin could be the next goal. As per a NY Post article from January 2, 2023, “fatal fentanyl-fueled overdoses have become all too common in New York.” What’s more, “In the Big Apple, authorities say it can now be found in nearly every illegal pill or drug peddled on the street. ‘I’ve never seen anything like this,’ said NYC Special Narcotics Prosecutor Bridget Brennan, who worked as a homicide prosecutor during the surge of crack in the city in the late 1980s, and early 90s.”

    Republican candidates and elected officials, you better tackle this head on. Find some youthful people to deliver strong counter messages to the Democrats pro drug initiatives. Invest in ads to go up across all social media platforms. Moms, the nation has seen your power and ability to impact policy and effectuate change. Let’s get moving.



    Jackie Toboroff

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