• NYPD Preparing For Potential Protests In Response To Anticipated Body Cam Footage Release Involving Memphis PD That Preceded Tyre Nichols’ Death

    January 27, 2023
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    Guest post by John D. Macari, Host of New York's Finest: Retired and Unfiltered Podcast

    According to police sources and an internal memo, the NYPD is preparing for potential protests. This is in regards to the anticipated release of body camera footage from a January 7th, 2023 traffic stop that led to the arrest of Tyre Nichols that occurred in Memphis Tennessee. Memphis police said Nichols was pulled over for reckless driving and ran from officers. Three days after the incident, he died in the hospital.

    Five Memphis police officers were subsequently fired as a result of the incident. The department released the following statement on Twitter; “The egregious nature of this incident is not a reflection of the good work our officers perform, with integrity every day,”

    The body camera footage is rumored to be released on Thursday, January 26th, 2023. As is all too familiar with New York City residents and NYPD Officers, the event which transpired in another state, has the potential of causing large scale anti-police protests and civil unrest here in Gotham, just like after the deaths of Michael Brown, Eric Gardner, and George Floyd.

    According to an NYPD Internal memo “Effective Immediately Tuesday, January 24th, 2023, all in-service training for uniformed members of the service, including the 2023 9MM pistol requalification cycle, is canceled until further notice. Uniformed members of the service who were scheduled will instead report to their commands for their regularly scheduled tours.”

    According to other police sources, NYPD commands have begun informing officers “No excusals until further notice.” Other sources state they have received emails from superiors reminding officers to have “uniforms and all necessary equipment readily available.” Some specialty units have also changed tours of duty to have all members report in the evening.

    While no official statements have been released to the public, it is obvious that the NYPD is preparing for an all-available, hands-on deck approach. Likely, this is to thwart the sort of civil unrest that recently occurred in Atlanta, Georgia. Protesters damaged property at numerous locations. Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens said some of those arrested "were found with explosives on them," and a police patrol vehicle was set ablaze. “Masked activists dressed in all black threw rocks and lit fireworks in front of a skyscraper that houses the Atlanta Police Foundation, shattering large glass windows, according to the Associated Press.” Six people have been charged with domestic terrorism following the violent anti-cop protests in downtown Atlanta on Saturday — with cops revealing that all but one are from out of state.

    Anti-police groups like Antifa and BLM tend to target Democratic held cities. Why? The chance of being prosecuted for crimes is low thanks to progressive criminal reforms and de-carceral district attorneys. They’re also short on manpower, courtesy of defunding the police initiatives that have resulted in skyrocketing crime. Finally, handcuffed police in Democrat enclaves suffer from low morale and conflicting orders; they’re disincentivized to arrest those committing criminal acts thanks to pro-criminal initiatives and disparaging rhetoric from local government.

    Progressive criminal justice and police reforms embolden agitators by removing fear of arrest or prosecution if arrests are made. This disrupts daily life for residents and businesses.

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    As the NYPD prepares to keep New York City safe from threats, the prospect of civil unrest remains with the anticipated release of body camera footage of Nichols’ death that might cause mass riots. As has been reported in the past, those arrested in New York City during previous anti-police events were not residents of New York State. The same held true during the most recent chaos in downtown Atlanta, where only 1 of the 6 arrested for domestic terrorism was a resident of Georgia. This shows that these BLM and Antifa riots are planned and coordinated acts of Domestic Terrorism & civil unrest by nefarious actors.

    Despite progressive legislation and reforms that have removed valuable tools from the police, the NYPD remains amongst the best in the world at handling large scale events, protests, and civil unrest.

    John is the Host of “New York’s Finest: Retired & Unfiltered Podcast & a Trustee for the National Coalition of Frontline Workers. John is Retired NYPD Lieutenant where he served just shy of 18 years before retiring for refusing to comply with NYC Mayors Vaccine Mandate after being denied a religious & medical exemption. During his tenure he served in many functions such as Patrol, Conditions, Anti-Crime, Field Intelligence, Internal Affairs & Facilities Management.


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    Protest’s? I’m thinking we may see a hundred or so people show up but it won’t be one of those “Mostly peaceful protests the media loves so much, heck I bet they won’t have a sign or T-shirt anywhere that say’s BLM.

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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