• BOOK REVIEW: In The Garden Of The Righteous By Richard Hurowitz

    February 27, 2023
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    World War II literature, fiction or non-fiction, is so abundant nowadays, that it's getting harder to come by original titles that are worthy of taking the spotlight on the shelf. In the Garden of the Righteous is a compilation volume of biographies of 10 people who were extraordinarily selfless during the Holocaust. 

    Everyone knows about Oskar Schindler, but even though he's briefly mentioned in the opening, the book focuses on people who are not as well-known as he is. Actually, some people in this volume saved a lot more vulnerable people during the Holocaust. One of them is Aristides de Sousa Mendes, who issued visas to an undetermined number of Jews. It's believed he saved over 30,000 people. Or Irena Sendler, a nurse in the Polish Underground Resistance who dedicated her life to saving Jewish children. Other 8 extraordinary people's lives and good deeds are extensively covered in this volume. 

    The author paints a vivid picture of the hardships they encountered, the near-death experiences, and the aftermath of the war when they were seen as abnormal. However, a striking feature of the chapters is the way in which Richard Hurowitz goes into detail about their lives before the war, and their lives after the war up until their deaths. 

    The audiobook version is clean and masterfully narrated by Paul Heitsch.

    In the Garden of the Righteous: The Heroes Who Risked Their Lives to Save Jews During the Holocaust is a beautiful book for every reader who is interested in the authentic experience of World War II survivors.

    Publisher:‎ Harper (January 24, 2023)
    Language: ‎ English
    Hardcover: ‎ 480 pages
    ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0063037236

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