• Education Warfare: Asian American Students Dominate NYC Specialized Schools Because Their Parents Haven’t Been Infected By Woke

    June 4, 2023
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    Looking at the rear face of Stuyvesant High School from the Battery Park City Esplanade at the north end of Rockefeller Park
    Image by Tdorante10

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    On June 1st, Stuyvesant High School released its admissions data. Seven black students got into Stuyvesant out of 762 offers. Those pro “equity” and anti-meritocracy screamed racism. It’s a lie.

    After examining the data, three things become clear. First, those screaming racism are racist towards Asians - and Native Americans who fared worse than blacks in terms of placement and received zero attention. Second, that they want to hobble the only “free” (taxpayer funded) education that works. Third, that they have no desire to help the black and brown kids get a solid education.

    Of Stuyvesant’s 762 offers, 489 went to Asians, 158 went to whites, 51 went to those who didn’t identify, 36 went to multi-racial, 20 went to Hispanics (referred to as “Latinx”), 7 went to black, and 1 went to a Native American.

    Anyone with genuine concern for the lack of black kids accepted into specialized schools should ask this question; what are Asian Americans doing differently that makes them academically superior? The answer, rarely asked, provides some hard truths. Asian American kids work hard - from the beginning. Culturally, Asian parents are demanding. They set clear standards for their children to meet and hold them responsible in a two way street of accountability. This work ethic demands habits that keep children on the straight and narrow; no drugs, no tomfoolery, no skipping school, no criminalizing, no civil disobedience, and no tolerance for disrespect towards elders, including parents and teachers.

    Why is this the case? Many of the Asian children outpacing other Americans are first generation. Their parents came here for the American dream; the ability for upward mobility void of a caste system or impenetrable aristocracy. They came to America with little wealth and few connections. They understood that hard work and education is the golden-ticket to a better life.

    All Americans should learn from this, but just the opposite has occurred. It’s no surprise given the death grip that the Democrats have over education; 99.9% of the teachers unions donate to Democrats and Democrat causes, like BLM, climate, CRT, and DEI. The Democrats own education and its quantifiable failure.

    Based on the Nation's Report Card, a paltry 13% of eighth graders scored at the proficient level in history and only 22% understand civics. This tells you everything you need to know - American children as a whole are deficient in understanding what makes America America. They have been failed by the educational complex - and their parents - on understanding and appreciating the American ethos rooted in a meritocracy, which creates competition, which creates progress, which creates value. Of course non-Asian American kids are losing to the first generation of Asian American kids that fled tyranny, Communism, and the ideology snuffing out incentives because everything and everyone belongs to the state.

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    In order to get into Stuyvesant, one of eight specialized schools in New York City, prospective students must take the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT). Admission is based solely on the results of this test. Once in Stuyvesant, traditionally trained teachers focus on core-curriculum so that academically advanced students keep up with the rigorous program. A wide range of advanced placement (AP) courses are offered. Stuyvesant is particularly known for its strong programs in mathematics, science, and technology. Speaking of math, the Nation’s Report Card results for students who took the test in spring 2022—the first main National Assessment of Educational Progress administration for these grades since the COVID pandemic —show the biggest drop in math performance in 4th and 8th grades since the testing program began in 1990. Who demanded the school closures? The teachers unions that ran roughshod over the CDC.

    Translation; the problem isn’t that the SHSAT is racist. The problems are that the educational complex is an abysmal failure and that many parents have failed their children.

    Now we need to look at the “racism” accusations from the Democrats surrounding why so few blacks get into these specialized high schools. The New York Times ran an article saying, “The numbers…placed a fresh spotlight on racial and ethnic disparities in the nation’s largest school system….[It] represent[s] perhaps the highest-profile symbol of segregation.” The New York Times is right, but not for the reasons it would like readers to believe.

    The SHSAT is color-blind, proven by the high numbers of minorities, Asians, that dominate. An uncomfortable conversation about “root-causes” needs to be had in order to address why so few blacks get into the specialized schools. Everything starts at home. Approximately 70% of black children under the age of 18 are born to single mothers. This puts a strain on all metrics that foster success; finances, parental attention, and a solid foundation. But the Democrats don’t ever want to discuss the home, they want to destroy it in order to sow more chaos. This is racist. Moreover, in today’s time, truth delving into race and culture, that fails to elevate blacks, is met with the knee-jerk reaction to blindly scream racism, making an attempt to solve the problem dead on arrival.

    Finally, school isn’t a panacea to cure-all the wrongs that wayward parents inflict upon their children. Unlike the Asian parents that have recently arrived and not yet been subjected to the cruelties of the New York Times, multi-generational American parents are already infected by the woke disease.

    Under “equitable grading”, part of “DEI work”, attendance, grades, and classroom decorum go out the window and insist that these items have zero bearing on grades. The argument from the Democrats who have embraced Marxism is that it isn’t “equitable” to have “achievement gaps” which hurt minorities. But they don’t hurt all minorities - the Asians are thriving. The minorities they really mean are blacks.

    Democrats aren’t helping blacks by hurting Asians. By hurting Asians, they’re truly hurting blacks. Competition is vital. Minorities don’t need “equity”, they need high standards, solid parents, and the ability to get ahead based on achievement and not immutable characteristics.



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