• Mayor Adams Wants NYC Residents To House Illegals

    June 6, 2023
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    On June 5th, New York City Mayor Adams let residents know about his “vision.” It’s communal living - to stuff illegals into the homes of legals.

    Adams kicked off his presser with a masterful shaming session, invoking G-d. He said, “No matter what faith you practice, it is in all our faiths that we are supposed to care for those who are in need. Not only is it on the Statue of Liberty, but it is on our text that we look and read and study from and… Christian scripture reminds us, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself and welcome the stranger among us.”

    The thing is, illegals aren’t our neighbors. In many cases, they’ve hopscotched from country to country to enter America. And the Statue of Liberty was directly the result of America welcoming people to come legally through Ellis Island. It did not contemplate illegal immigration by swimming across the Rio Grande or continent hopping from radical third world countries to bring radical third world beliefs. The inscription on the Statue of Liberty says, “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.” It doesn't say, give me your criminals, parasites, terrorists, drug dealers, and diseased. New arrivals went through a process as well as a lengthy quarantine period, similar to the one New York City residents were forced to undergo under COVID lockdowns. Illegals face no such restrictions.

    Furthermore, a solid argument can be made that Adams and one party Democrat rule have given the middle finger to the real neighbors, actual tax paying New York City residents. Anyone not in a coma for the past few years knows crime is through the roof, education is a mirthless joke, and quality of life resembles the Gaza Strip,

    After invoking G-d, Adams got to the crux of the issue. He can’t handle the illegals and neither can New York City taxpayers. Resources are strained and drained. There isn’t enough space - and this is after installing them in $400 a night luxury Manhattan hotels, public school gymnasiums, police precincts, and shelters. He’s tried nearly everything (except of course refusing to accept them and repatriating those that are already illegally here).

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    There are three options that interest Mayor Adams; erecting tents in Central Park, turning places of worship into living quarters, and, stuffing illegals into the homes of legals.

    “When you look at what we have done, over 70 thousand migrant asylum seekers entered the city. This is the asylum seeker blueprint. In the blueprint, we will put in place the things that we stand for… integrating asylum seekers into local communities. That’s why this is a win win. It’s an amazing return on our investment. It is allowing us to have asylum seekers be a part of our community and the best way for individuals to really incorporate themselves in the daily lives of New York City”, said Mayor Adams.

    What in the actual hell is he talking about?

    Mayor Adams explains; “It is my vision to take the next step to this faith-based locales and then move to a private residence…They have spare rooms.”

    Darn tootin they do. There are 3.1 million active Democrat voters in New York City. There are 400 thousand inactive registered Democrat voters in New York City. They should be first in line to house illegals. Moreover, they shouldn’t get to vet who they receive or get financial kickbacks funded by taxpayers. They should get stuffed to the gills until every last Democrat changes his or her voter registration.



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