• New York City Council: The Autonomous Zone

    June 20, 2023
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    Council Chamber, New York City Hall, 1831
    Image by Artist: C. Burton
    Engraver: H. Fossette
    Printer: J. Neale
    Publisher: George Melksham Bourne

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    New York City Council early voting has begun. Through June 25th, and then on primary day, June 27th, New York City residents have a chance to marginally slow down the Big Apple’s race to become Seattle.

    There are 45 Democrats on City Council. 21 of them are “Progressive”; but don’t even understand they’re regressive. They’re pro the following: abolishing police, drugs, murderers, racism, failed education, tearing down jails, illegals, and poverty. Every single policy they champion creates and or exacerbates the aforementioned.

    Adrienne E. Adams, Lincoln Restler, Shahana Hanif, Carmen De La Rosa, Jennifer Gutiérrez, Christopher Marte, Carlina Rivera, Kristin Richardson Jordan, Pierina Ana Sanchez, Althea Stevens, Amanda Farías, Tiffany Cabán, Shekar Krishnan, Julie Won, Nantasha Williams, Crystal Hudson, Chi Ossé, Sandy Nurse, Alexa Avilés, Rita Joseph, Charles Barron are the 21 nightmares. If they have a primary and you’re a registered Democrat, vote for their challenger, whosoever he or she is.

    Since March 2020, almost 500,000 New York City residents have fled, making it the top ranked place in America for outmigration. What does this tell you? That taxpayers are miserable and with means - imagine how many of the middle and lower class aren’t able to escape. Here’s a chance to not have to move to a functioning city by actually exhibiting some self agency and voting for a non wackjob.

    Here’s a refresher on just some of the policies the 21 nightmares support, introduced, or voted into reality:

    Bill Into 632 - disallowing landlords to do background checks on murderers, shooters, and thieves. The public was assured by City Council members that law abiding citizens would only have these types of criminals living in the apartment next door and that of course, sex offenders wouldn’t be part of the package. Plot twist - during the open meeting at City Hall, one of the “star witnesses” said there was no way to make sure that pedophiles and rapists couldn't slip through. After inadvertently exposing City Council members’ lie, another one of their witnesses meant to bolster the Bill took the floor - a level 3 sex offender who used his time at the podium to go on an anti-Asian rant. Side note, Progressive City Council members, Keith Powers, Nantasha Williams, Chtristopher Marte, Sandy Nurse, Lincoln Restler, and Shahana Hanif, offered zero condemnation of the level 3 sex offenders' racism.

    Then there’s the Democrats' ties with the teachers unions. The teachers unions give close to 100% of its donations to Democrat candidates and causes, like BLM, climate, and ESG. Combined, they’ve been a wrecking ball to education. Progressive City Council member Speaker Adams issued the following statement, without any irony. “Congratulations to the United Federation of Teachers and its 120,000 members on reaching a tentative contract agreement with the City. Through crises and unprecedented challenges of the pandemic, public school teachers and support staff have been steadfastly committed to our students’ academic and personal success. This agreement is another step towards ensuring that our public education workforce is supported in helping our students recover and receive the well-rounded education they need to succeed.” Taxpayers spend $38,000 per public school student annually, the highest in the nation. The prize is being in the bottom half of the country for reading and writing. Additionally, the teachers unions are pushing to sexually exploit three year olds on up by encouraging them to transition and conceal it from their parents. No wonder the 21 are so eager to come to an agreement with this gaggle. Tiffany Caban, head Progressive and childless, was just endorsed by the UFT. She’s bragging about it, as only someone without kids or a heart would do.

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    Then there’s the Clean Slate Act. Crime in New York City wasn’t bad enough due exclusively to Democrats’ pro-criminal policies. Fox example, defunding NYPD, voting to strip them of qualified immunity, tearing down jails, “shelter dumping” in traditionally safe and wealthy areas to “diversify”, legalizing the gateway drug marijuana, and mass importing illegals. The Clean Slate Act seals convictions of murderers. Bill Intro 632 was also supposed to make sex offenders the exception. But, do you honestly think this group of derelicts can manage to parse through criminals, both the ones presently here and the illegal ones coming by the thousands daily? As Speaker Adams says, endangering New York City residents is about “an equitable boost to our communities…by removing the barriers to employment, housing, education, and other economic opportunities for more than 2 million New Yorkers with an old conviction record.” You can’t make this up - she says point blank that there are millions of criminals and in the name of equity, we need to seal their convictions and let them work in schools and live next to our children.

    There soon won’t be any employers left in the city that will hire the people whose slate was wiped clean. If you have any civic duty at all, if you care about your neighbor not getting raped, you child not being harassed by a junkie, for the love of G-d, vote out Progressives in the primary on June 27, and bring 5 other normals with you to do the same. Here is how you find your poll site.



    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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