• VIDEO:  Minutes After Dismissing Over 12,000 Voter Registration Challenges For People Who had Moved, Forsyth Republican Election Official Claims They Had to Dismiss Because County Had Been Sued The Day Before -  Except…..Court doesn't show the case?

    July 18, 2023
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    Joel Natt, Forsyth County, GA Board of Registration and Elections member, met with residents following an Elections Board Meeting in which thousands of challenges were dismissed.

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    A Forsyth citizen, Frank Schneider, submitted challenges for over 12,000
    registrations after using a nationally known change-of-address database to
    confirm that the parties registered at the addresses in question had previously
    moved and per Georgia law could not remain registered at an incorrect
    address. Many had moved out of State.

    National main stream media grabbed the story within 24 hours (some have
    asked how the media would have learned about the story before the public notice
    was even given) and positioned the challenges as an attempt to somehow
    interfere with others voting rights – apparently ignoring that improper
    registrations, if used fraudulently, harm not just one group, but all parties.

    The Forsyth County Board of Registration and Elections held a hearing on May

    12, 2022, two days after the challenges were submitted.   After

    debating what exact evidence would be sufficient, The Forsyth Board of

    Elections voted unanimously to dismiss all 12,000+ challenges.

    A group of Forsyth citizens who had been active in election integrity

    gathered at a local office and were joined shortly thereafter by Joel Natt, a

    Republican member of the Forsyth Board of Elections.  The following video illustrates

    the conversation that followed……

    This leaves a couple questions.

    If a lawsuit was filed in Federal Court the day before (May 11, 2022) as was told to the attendees, PACER should list it. Where is it?

    If Mr. Natt agreed with Mr. Schneiders’s challenge and if 17-20% of the registrations on the Forsyth voter rolls shouldn’t be there, wouldn’t the County support him if he was following his beliefs and understanding and making the voter rolls more accurate?

    Stay tuned for Part 2……………


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