• Import A Primitive Culture, Become A Jungle

    August 2, 2023
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    Paris and New York City share much in common. In 2023, the similarities are redolent of third world vapors. They’ve embraced terrorists from lawless hellscapes and those hostile to white Europeans who created the very cities and countries in the West many of the “diverse” newcomers are hellbent on destroying. Import a primitive culture, become a jungle

    French President Macron and New York City Mayor Adams created the descent into hell and it will be their legacy.

    Macron did so intentionally - he’s a staunch globalist. Macron is well versed in the liberal lingo championed by American and European financiers, corporate titans and policy makers. He was rewarded by being elevated to the European Commission, World Bank, IMF, Davos Economic Forum and G-7. Macron was thoughtful in tanking his country and its glorious capital by every metric; economically, culturally, scholastically, safety-wise, and quality of life-wise.

    For his part, Adams wasn’t thoughtful, he was emotional. While on the NYPD, he was filmed bragging about “kicking cracker ass.” At a town hall meeting on rent guidelines, he accused an eighty-four year old white woman who fled the Nazis of treating him like a slave on “plantation [she] own[s].” He has “shelter dumped” in Manhattan’s wealthiest and safest neighborhoods to make them criminally “diverse.” He’s turned a blind eye to illegal weed shops plaguing the same tony neighborhoods under the guise of “equity,” Equity in this regard means two things; blacks should be able to sell drugs and whites should be addicted to them. Adams instructed city agencies to demand headshots of potential hires, which a recently-departed City Hall employee said was “to start counting complexions.’” So what does this ticking time-bomb who can’t wait to unload on white people have to do with illegals? Everything. He’s a repressed abolitionist who has ratcheted up efforts to displace and erase whites. Flooding the wealthiest borough in New York City, Manhattan, with illegals, is his jam. Unable to manage the crisis of his own making, Adams demanded billions in aid from Biden. Rebuffed, he had a tantrum, saying New York City is at a “breaking point”, and bused illegals to Canada and upstate New York.

    Both Macron and Adams tell us that illegals, migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, or whatever word of the day they want to use, is the West’s moral obligation. The obligation translates into businesses getting looted and constituents getting gang-raped, killed, assaulted, plowed by cars, macheted, stabbed, robbed, financially bivouacked, and brutalized by nightmares they’ve beckoned.

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    France is plagued by Northern Africans and radical Muslims. New York City is plagued by South American gang members and drug dealers, a growing contingency of Africans, like Somalis, and like Paris, Islamic terrorists that want to hijack democracy. France and New York City are now unrecognizable. They’re no longer free, financially viable, beautiful, safe, or liveable and will soon no longer be Judeo Christian (America) or Catholic (France). France has the largest Muslim population in Europe.

    Let’s examine a byproduct of diversity in Paris and New York City that the Left won’t.

    In France, a Muslim man justifies the ongoing Islamic terror. It’s [Muslims’] “turn” to colonize a nation they deem racist. He says the quiet part out loud. This is colonization, a term the Left has used to shame the West. However, unlike when the Europeans did it, nothing is being built when the Northern Africans and radical Muslims colonize - it’s destroyed. This isn’t just in Europe, look how radicals treat their own countries and peoples. Example, look at Palmyra.

    Paul Golding, documents the horror that the mainstream media suppresses. He provides ample examples of not lone wolves but mobs of marauders, mainly fighting age boys and men. Ravaging the streets of Paris, they’re dressed like Al Qaeda recruits. This doesn’t resemble the Champs-Elysees but a normal day in a war-torn Syrian village. Thugs scream “Allahu Akbar” during Eid, celebrating by torching everything in sight. In Paris’ Republic Square, Algerians climb, stomp, and wave Algerian flags, claiming the place.

    These scenes are nearly identical to the mayhem in New York City. BLM terrors were the opening salvo to the jihad we now face. Looting, burning, toppling statues, murdering, assaulting, vandalizing, and waving BLM flags signaled an end to rule-of-law. It was the prelude to the next wave of the scourge - entitled illegals, demanding hotel rooms, cell phones, legal aid, education, clothes, cigarettes, drugs, and women.

    In one of Golding’s videos, he shows the race war that’s underfoot. Black and brown invaders from Northern Africa and the MidEast coalesce to terrorize the white French, maniacally screaming, waving black flags, burning vehicles, and fist pumping to get in the mood. The French know, just like the Americans in New York City, they’re on their own. Their politicians have not only abandoned them but caused unrest.

    In another city, Marseille, the “diverse” group that we are told will enrich our lives burned down the largest public library. This is reminiscent of the damage BLM caused - over $1 billion just in riot damage, the most expensive in insurance history. This says nothing about the priceless statues of historic figures that not only raised the downtrodden out of poverty, but led to great advancements.

    The conclusion - Paris, France, has become third-world. So has New York City. Why? Because the invaders aren’t doctors, rocket scientists, or artistic savants. They’re ill-mannered, miseducated, slovenly, radicals that contribute nothing to society. The new “colonizers” aren’t white. They’re not of European descent. The people looking to enslave, dominate, and oppress Western countries are experienced in doing it in their own countries, which are the hollow shells they fled.



    Jackie Toboroff

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