• New York Democrats Don't Want Illegals

    August 26, 2023
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    New Yorkers have found at least one issue on which they can unite. They overwhelmingly view the "recent influx of migrants" as a “serious problem.” Additionally, New Yorkers called them a “burden”, and of no “benefit.”

    Here’s why this is remarkable. New York State is 60.9% Democrat. New York City is 68% Democrat. Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams were transparent in their commitment to incentivize illegal “migrants” to come to what they declare to be a “sanctuary” state and city. They won! Their message must have resonated with enough registered voters. And yet, it gets real in the field really quickly when one actually gets what one votes for, or couldn’t be bothered to vote against.

    A Siena Poll released August 22 says a whopping 82% of New Yorkers have had it with “migrants.” This can only mean they’re disgusted by the state and local government’s open door and all-you-can-eat buffet on the taxpayers’ tab style of governance. It can only mean 82% of New Yorkers register the inconvenience of getting what they voted for. Siena breaks down the upset by party; 89% of Republicans, 77% of Democrats, and 84% of Independents believe “migrants” are a “serious problem.”

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    You know who disagrees? The people representing them; Governor Hochul, Mayor Adams, the majority of New York City Council members, New York City Public Health Advocate Jumaane Williams, and New York City Comptroller, Brad Lander. These people and their governing bodies have been in dereliction of duty, blowing through taxpayer’s money and resources, demanding bailouts and declaring state of emergencies, and spending their work days working for illegals (who they call “migrants”). There has never before in the history of America been such a stark divide between what the people want and what their elected officials do.

    So, what has flipped New Yorkers, who are majority Democrats, to being anti open borders, a domestic linchpin of the Democrat platform? A stunning, staggering display of selfishness. They were pro “migrants” and “asylum seekers” when it impacted you, not them. Now that their money is evaporating, vacation prospects dwindling, safety imperiled, real-estate depreciating, quality of life deteriorating, putting the nest-egg at risk, and kids’ schools and sports are overrun with illegals, they’re done. At least verbally.

    So, what can New Yorkers do with the government they deserve but don’t like? A lot.

    First, let’s get the lingo right, because language is critical. Our government, mainstream media unelected bureaucrats, and the educational complex gaslight the public in order to tug at heartstrings. Refugee Council USA says, “To be eligible for asylum in the United States, a person must first meet the definition of a refugee as established in the Immigration and Naturalization Act. This means that they have a fear of persecution due to their race, religion, nationality, political opinion, or their inclusion in a particular social group.” Moreover, there’s something called the “country of first-entry.” The asylum resettlement agreement has been entirely ignored. New York City’s recent arrivals are from Africa, the MidEast, and various countries in South America. Many countries, and in some cases, continents and oceans, have been hopscotched.

    This begs the question, how can New York State and City government use the term “asylum” seekers? Moreover, they’re supposed to apply for this in their country of origin, not ours. There’s also the term “migrant” - those looking for jobs or an education. Again, “migrants” must be processed. If not processed, they’re here illegally. When was the last time you heard anyone in New York government use the word “illegal”? Are we to believe that 500,000 “undocumented immigrants” residing in New York City are all legal? Are we to believe the 100,000 in New York City alone since the Spring of 2022 are all “asylum seekers”? Anyone living in New York City knows our elected officials literally can’t pick up the trash. There is zero chance they’ve processed 100,000 “asylum seekers.”

    Second, Americans, not just New Yorkers, can stop supporting companies trafficking illegals. An asylum seeker can only work after applying for a work permit. This takes a minimum of 150 days - if the unelected bureaucrats are actually doing their jobs. Speak to any citizen waiting on tenterhooks for passports, or entrepreneurs waiting for various permits. Unless the factotum people have been given clear orders from the Adams administration to ignore citizens and prioritize criminals - which is very possible - there’s zero chance work permits are processed correctly in 150 days. By the way, this work permit comes after submitting the asylum application to the immigration court.

    Now, let’s Bud Light the businesses incentivizing illegals and the Adams administration. Uber Eats has come under fire for hiring illegals in France. It appears this is happening in New York city as well. Suddenly, the Big Apple is under assault from reckless scooter drivers, going in the opposite direction of traffic, speeding, checking phones for GPS or listening to music, and if tracked by the person who ordered food, in bizarre locations that imply being lost. More and more, delivery people arrive late, with cold food, and don’t speak English. So the Adams administration uses taxpayer money to buy e-bikes so that “migrants” can illegally drive and illegally work for companies that incentivize the entire criminal enterprise. Taxpayers are inconvenienced and physically endangered.

    American can fight back and boycott Uber Eats.

    There will be a slew of other companies Americans can financially devastate. As Congresswoman Malliotakis points out, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams want immediate work authorization for the 100,000 “migrants” in New York City. This number can only go up. Moreover, it can make “migrants” eligible to vote in municipal elections under the 2021 city law. Taxpayers, you say the “migrants” are a “serious problem.” Starve out any business doing business with illegals.



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