• The Democrats Are Afraid Of Me

    August 31, 2023
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    Guest post By Brian Robinson

    Republican Candidate for New York City Council, District 4

    Democrat politicians love the concept of “safe spaces.” For decades, there has been no territory less threatening to them than Manhattan. The last Republican to win a race here was in 2000 when Roy Goodman was reelected State Senator on the Upper East Side. Even with a “migrant” crisis of the city's own making, plummeting test scores among our students, and rising crime creating terror in our streets, Democrat candidates have zero hesitation in declaring final victory after primary wins.

    Conversely, Republican candidates fight for visibility while making the case for practical solutions and providing a ray of hope for the common sense voters of both parties. Things look bleak from a distance. But, as the Republican candidate for New York City Council in District 4, I have spent enough time in the “Silk Stocking District” to know that the 23-year blue wave is about to hit a red brick wall. The Democratic machine knows it too.

    Enter Thomas J. Garry, the legendary legal advisor to Presidents Biden, Obama, and Clinton. On April 28, Mr. Garry arrived at the Board of Elections in Manhattan. He was joined by a well-known lobbyist, Jake Dilemani, who served as the official “objector.” Attempting to boot candidates off the ballot in New York City politics is nothing new. However, going all in for Powers shows how winnable this seat is for a Republican, how upset the district is with Democrat policies, and how desperate they are to maintain the radical chokehold on City Council impacting not just New York City, but America at large (49 other states are funding our “migrant” relief). With 51 city council races in New York City this year, Garry was retained for the sole purpose of ensuring one Republican candidate did not make it to the general election on the official ballot.

    That candidate was me.

    I wasn't surprised. Things in Manhattan are so bad only because of Democrat policies, that they have to resort to dirty tricks.

    In February of 2022, voters delivered a passionate rebuke of Democratic party when more than two thirds of the electorate voted to recall radical leftist school board members accused of incompetence. Such an occurrence would be expected in Republican strongholds like Texas or South Dakota. This landslide victory for common sense happened in San Francisco. Throughout America, safely entrenched Democrats in deep blue areas are panicked. In Manhattan, with small businesses under siege and subway terror a daily reality, America’s most comfortable career politicians scramble to assess their vulnerability and ties to disastrous policies and rhetoric.

    My opponent is radical Keith Powers, architect of Intro 632. If passed, this Bill disallows landlords (many of which are Asian) from doing background checks on criminals such as murderers, thieves, and sex offenders. During an open meeting at City Hall, one of the advocates of this Bill, a convicted sex offender with the lefty advocacy group Vocal-NY, went on an anti-Asian rant (the pro “diversity” and “inclusivity” Powers sat silent). Needless to say, people are appalled by not just Intro 632, but the pro criminal agenda Powers champions. A fair election is dangerous for him, so the Democrat machine has sprung into action. Democrats are terrified that this seat will go red, and they’d rather not let this one play out. There might even be anti-semitic reasons why the Democrat party is trying to stop me. As a Jewish guy running in a heavily Jewish district that has felt the rise of Jew hatred under the Adams “equity” reign normalizing antisemitism, I pose a threat to the Progressive base.

    The name Brian Robinson will be on the ballot. This is a winnable race - if, and only if District 4 voters show up to the polls! We need to call our friends, remind them about November 7 City Council elections, and what is at stake. This is our chance to restore some sanity to our community.

    As a father to two young children, I stand with outraged parents sick with fear to do school pick-up and drop-off, ride the subways, pass by illegal weed shops, hopscotch homeless encampments, decaying our quality of life and real estate. Our representatives are supposed to represent their constituents. Powers isn’t representing us - just look around, take stock of your finances. If you’ve had enough, as I have had enough, let’s send a message on November 7 that we are pro safe streets, parental rights, and putting law abiding citizens first!

    For more information about my campaign, please visit Vote Brian

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