• Cut 29 New York City Agencies And Maybe Save New York City

    September 13, 2023
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    New York City Mayor Adams recently announced all city agencies will face budget cuts as high as 15%. Amidst terrible crime and a never-ending stream of illegal migrants committing crimes (other than the initial one of entering sans regard to our country’s rules of entry), talk of slashing the NYPD’s budget whipped into a frenzy those already whipped into a frenzy. Adams benefits from talk of the NYPD’s budget being slashed; he compels furious taxpayers to pester Albany and D.C. for more money so that he can continue having us play host.

    The conundrum is Adams wants to continue welcoming illegal migrants and the only way he’s figured out how to pay for them is by punishing the furious taxpayers. Threatening to take away their first line of defense, NYPD, might do the trick. Then, he’ll hit them where it really hurts, garbage. DSNY (New York City Department of Sanitation) will be cut. This is on the heels of Adam’s moronic “Rat Czar” initiative. Former elementary school teacher and anti-rat activist, Kathleen Corradi, a recent hire, is paid $155,000 annually. The estimate of 3 million rats is about as reliable as Adams saying $12 billion dollars will cover the cost of illegal migrants. There might be qualified people to deal with this but likely none of them teach elementary school. Is Corradi working alone, with butterfly nets? How many people are on “Rat Czar’s” team and what are their salaries?

    The budget cuts are to offset Mayor Adams’ welcoming with concierge service 110,000 illegal migrants and allowing the continuing the inflow. This is despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of illegal migrants will not be granted asylum. They’re seeking the Roosevelt Hotel.

    Here are Adams' projected numbers. illegal migrants will cost taxpayers $12 billion dollars. The June budget for the fiscal year 2024 is $107 Billion dollars. The number of illegal migrants is wrong because there’s no plan to stop them from coming - by the time this article comes out, the number will be higher. Moreover, if Adams gets his wish and illegal migrants can vote, that’s game over, here, and everywhere else. Why would taxpayers in other cities and states send bailout money to a sanctuary city stocked with people who get to vote on things that impact Americans without having any ties to America?

    Now, let’s get to a solution that is good for New York City taxpayers. Many agencies needn’t face budget cuts - they can be disbanded entirely and the ones that should go are at the bottom of the article. But first, here’s a complete list of the 153 New York City agencies:

    Highlighted above are 29 out of the 153 New York City agencies that can either have their budgets seriously cut or face extinction.

    Let’s start with City Council. The 51 member body has Democrat members in dereliction of duty. It isn’t merely that they champion illegal migrants and encourage domestic criminals, they spend office hours not in the office. This means they should be paid a part time salary and be entitled to less “staff.” Borough presidents are also useless - they have shown us this themselves.

    The remaining New York City agencies highlighted are tainted by Communism, racism, sexism, and activism, not to mention instuments of government overreach. For example, anything with “equity” should go. We have seen the result of “equity” - it has led to the highest outmigration from New York City - ever.

    If these wasteful agencies are disbanded, we can leave the NYPD and DSNY intact, at least until the next batch of illegal immigrants are ushered into a Manhattan luxury hotel.

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    Jackie Toboroff

    Jacqueline is a Manhattan native focused on NYC issues, finding solutions, and providing a voice for the void. IG @jacquelinefornyc Twitter @jacquetnyc www.Jacquelinefornyc.com

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