• The Gaza Population Overwhelmingly Supports Hamas, Almost 200,000 Gazans Are Displaced. Where Are They Going?

    October 10, 2023
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    A recent survey shows 58% of the population in the Gaza Strip stands with Hamas. Why should Americans care? Because the U.N. said that more than 187,000 of Gaza’s 2.3 million people have left their homes since Hamas attacked Israel.

    There are two questions. First, where will the displaced people from Gaza, who overwhelmingly support Hamas, go? Second, Hamas and its supporters must have known Israel would retaliate. Was the “displacement” part of the plan - to fan out terrorists and terrorist sympathizers?

    Will the displaced Gazans head to Western Europe? How about America, which seemingly no longer has borders and unbelievably allows illegal aliens to go unvetted? As per Fox News, “Special Interest Alien Apprehensions” are the highest they’ve been in six years. 151 people on the FBI’s terror watchlist have been apprehended at the border since Biden. Understand this, though; “Since Biden took office, there have been over 1.5 million got aways.” The Fox News reporter says, “For perspective, that is a population size bigger than the city of Dalas, Texas that has successfully snuck across our border and gotten into the United States.”

    Let’s put the got aways and potential terrorists that breached America prior to four days ago aside.

    Won’t the displaced Gazans, who might set their sights on America, head to sanctuary states and cities? Democrat elected officials have made it so easy for those wishing to do harm to enter. What about Manhattan? New York City Mayor Adams has given illegal migrants $400 dollars a night luxury hotel accommodations in both the financial district and business center. Then, he ensured taxpayers foot the bill for illegal migrants’ medicaid, education, legal aid, smartphones, clothes, food, and transportation. It gets worse; Adams is spearheading the movement to allow unvetted illegal migrants to work, only so that they can vote! Imagine a pro Hamas voter weighing in on New York City policy, then on American policy.

    Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PCPSR) says that 58% in Gaza and 42% in the West Bank favor Hamas. 66% believe Israel will not celebrate its 100th anniversary and 51% believe that the Palestinian people, whoever they are, will be able to recover their imaginary country of Palestine in the future. Does this sound like a group of displaced people any other people and countries want? Does this sound like a group with any hobbies, jobs, contributions to civilization’s advancement? Does this sound like a group with anything on the brain other than warring over a fantasy? “Palestine”, which never existed for these people that call themselves Palestinians, still doesn’t exist. It was a territory under the British mandate for the resettling of Jews to their ancient homeland. There were Arabs living there, but no such thing as “Palestinians.”

    If the goal is to upend a certain people and certain countries, then yes, taking in the displaced Gazans is good for business..

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    In 1987, Hamas sprouted from the Muslim Brotherhood, founded in Egypt in 1928. President Trump called for it to be designated a terror organization but the Pentagon and State Department raised objections. Here’s what you should know about Muslim Brotherhood - it’s aligned with BLM, another group not labeled a terrorist organization that did inflict mass terror. And BLM is aligned with “Palestine.” The Democrats and BLM are two sides of the same coin. Every problem in America post June 2020 was spawned by BLM, which was a beard for Democrats, perhaps manipulated by globalists and bad actors wanting America to fail.

    Fast forward, Hamas, born from the Muslim Brotherhood, has been designated a terrorist organization. Iran, Qatar, Turkey and other Muslim countries as well as bad actors looking to agitate terror, lend their support to the organization. Iran is the principal financier. America, who under Biden, just gave Iran $6 billion dollars, is not only giving Iran money to fund Hamas, but violating its very own rules regarding doing business with a terrorist organization.



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