• As Hamas Declares Friday 13 “Global Jihad Day’, NYC Should Declare Jihad On The Jihadis

    October 13, 2023
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    Former Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal declared Friday 13th as the “day of jihad.” He said, "To all scholars who teach jihad... to all who teach and learn, this is a moment for the application [of jihad]." New York City Schools reacted, but not how they should have.

    For perspective, Hamas is the group that just beheaded babies, burned children aliveexecuted a little girl in front of her wailing siblings and parents, sodomized young women so brutally, their rear ends were caked with blood as they were paraded down streets, and slaughtered grandmothers were strewn about like roadkill.

    Hamas isn’t the only problem - as stomach turning as it is, 58% of the population of Gaza supports Hamas and as of real time, due to Hamas, over 432,000 Gazans have already been displaced. Israel has warned the 1.1 million Gazans to evacuate before it goes into Gaza. Side note - no Muslim or Arab country in the region wants themThis means one of two things. Either they know the Gazans are too high a security threat or they want them fanned out in the West to carry out jihad.

    So how did New York City Mayor Adams respond? Fresh off a four day trip to Mexico, ultimately to network at a tech conference and implore more illegals to come, he basically said, we have nothing to worry about.

    Despite university after university showing that they’re breeding grounds for Hamas this past week, New York City grade schools responded to “global jihad day” with what has become their typical weirdness. Some sent out emails that they were canceling classes. Then they emailed saying they take it back, school is on. Others explained they “heightened” security, whatever that means. There wasn't any word on how many more security people have been hired and whether they’re armed. The ambiguity actually caused more panic. Many schools sent out emails about the “conflict” and hope for peace.

    If the schools were truthful, here’s what they might have said;

    “We have embraced BLM. We redid our mission, staff, and syllabus without any parental input or consensus. We invented “affinity clubs” and DEI positions, which we have continued to expand and as a result, have raised tuition. We shoved a BLM flag akin to a swastika in your face for 3 years. We messed with admissions and college placements, focused on “diversity” and racial quotas. We lowered standards, inflated grades to show that all the students are the same, and got rid of accelerated, honor, and advanced placement classes. We stopped punishing bad behavior. We did all this to undo the “white construct.”

    Ultimately, we put you and your family and this community at risk. Emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

    We are sorry.

    After embracing BLM and using it to mold all aspects of school life, we have no choice but to now consider closing every single time there is a terror threat.

    We realize that we have encouraged “migrants” and “asylum seekers.” This was done without thought to your respective financial situation or safety.

    Finally, we made school a political place. By encouraging and supporting BLM, which has now come out in favor of Hamas, we have so tragically allowed ourselves to be part of the problem.

    This is how we plan to move forward. We will remove all BLM paraphernalia. We will remove our DEI staff as it hasn't lived up to its acronym. “Diversity” has since 2020 only gone one way. “Equity” has proven racist. And too many don’t feel “included.” We see Jewish girls weeping inconsolably, begging a security guard to help them while they’re stuck on campus amidst a bloodthirsty pro-Hamas crowd. They say through tears and gasps of air, “They want us dead, how are you allowing this?

    Going forward, at school the focus will be on traditional core curriculum. We will commit to you that our educators will focus on academic excellence.”

    The above is as likely as schools apologizing for shutting down and forcing mandates, which resulted in learning loss, spikes in suicide, and “vaccine” related injuries on otherwise healthy people.


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    Jackie Toboroff

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