• New York City Teacher Calls Black DOE Chancellor A White Supremacist, Imperialist, Scumbag

    October 16, 2023
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    New York City Teacher Calls Black DOE Chancellor A White Supremacist, Imperialist, Scumbag

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    “Let it be known that @DOEChancellor only cares about the lives of white people. So-called “Israel” has continually [sic] indiscriminately killed civilians, children, the elderly, the press, and medical workers and targeted schools, places of worship, and medical facilities. Now he [DoE Chancellor David Banks] has the time to send us Zionist propaganda to our official work emails. He’s a white supremacist, imperialist, scumbag. He, and @NYCMayor only value white life”, says Mohammad Jehad Ahmad.

    Phew. Thankfully this unhinged, delusional, hysteric is in Gaza. Thankfully, Hamas isn’t our problem here in the United States. Oh, wait. Ahmad is in America. He’s in New York City. He’s a teacher. And he’s not a “lone wolf” anti America, anti European, anti Jew, anti Christian, “educator.”

    The educational complex brought this disease upon itself. It used BLM to mainstream CRT (critical race theory). Since June 2020, the BLM flag, akin to a Swastika, has blanketed all aspects of school life. During this time, educators brought torture tools out of the tool-kit; DEI (diversity equity inclusion) and SEL (social emotional learning) to coax the school body into submission.

    It worked.

    A two-pronged effort has been made. First, to accept pro-Hamas “students” into the fold of the American educational complex. The raked over teacher and student body has been groomed to view terrorists as “freedom fighters”, “oppressed”, and “victims.” Second, pro-terrorist students have been created in American schools.

    Students have been conditioned to worship BLM. Now, they’re onto worshiping Hamas. BLM has officially come out in support of Hamas. This should come as no surprise to anyone as BLM’s founding members are virulently anti white, anti semitic, and anti America. Like Hamas, BLM’s only source of revenue to fund their depredations is charity, which they then skim off to buy villas, and use the rest to terrorize.

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    Mohammad Jehad Ahmad is a New York City public high school teacher at Gotham Tech High School. His X bio reads like that of a Hamas terrorist; “#freePalestine #BDS #BLM #Lifta.” In his Linkedin profile, before waxing on about delusional notions that should either have him in a rubber room or on the FBI terror watch list, Ahmad lists his resumé. “Taught Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Pre-Calculus, Financial Literacy, Arabic, Into to Computer Science (Python), AP Computer Science Principles, and AP Computer Science A. I have taught students from grades 9 through 12.”

    Imagine a child has the misfortune of being trapped in a room with a fruitcake claiming; “Zionism is racism. Zionism is terrorism. We have a moral obligation to resist Zionism.” Imagine being dependent on Ahmad for a grade or perhaps an unbiased letter of recommendation to get into a university. Well - getting a letter of recommendation from Ahmad, after what the world has seen at American universities this past week, is probably the golden ticket to Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, NYU, Brown, UNC, Yale, and Harvard.

    Here’s the sad reality - Ahmad isn’t a “lone wolf.” He’s a dime a dozen, cultivated and then cherry-picked specifically for his America hating, white hating, Jew hating, European hating, Christian hating, Asian hating positions that are in-line with the Democrat party’s agenda. Ahmad’s teaching degree is from Broward County in Substitute Teaching. He proved indispensable to the illustrious New York City educational complex, likely not because of his credentials but because of his commitment to the Democrat agenda to sow chaos.

    The question is, how many “Ahmads” in America’s educational complex are there?

    An EdWeek Research Center survey from June, 2020 found that 83 percent of educators supported Black Lives Matter. We don’t know if this number has gone up or down since this past October 7th when BLM came out with a new logo even more ghoulish than the previous one. Above the phrase, “I Stand With Palestine”, is a paraglider. Reminder, Hamas paragliders infiltrated a rave in Israel. They then proceeded to sodomize women, behead babies, burn children alive, rip out fetuses from pregnant women, and take 150 hostages which include Americans.

    If you want to get rid of pro-terrorist sympathizers in the American educational complex, here’s what taxpayers funding the system must demand. Total removal of all BLM paraphernalia. An immediate separation from everything BLM birthed that has unequivocally made school unsafe, racist, and political - CRT, DEI, and SEL.

    As we see from Ahmad, a BLM acolyte accusing two black people, who have by no means prioritized whites, of being “white supremacists”, we must wrap our heads around the truth. There’s no amount of American, white, Jewish, Christian, supplication that will satiate the BLM soldiers. And short of being pro decapitating babies and sodomizing young women, there’s no amount of rhetoric or action that is sufficient to BLM paragliders. It is a constant exercise of ratcheting up.



    Jackie Toboroff

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    John E Pizzini

    If you want to get rid of pro-terrorist sympathizers in the American educational complex, taxpayers & Patriots ABSOLUTELY must put President Donald J Trump BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE!! Period!

    Finally, Real NYC Investigative Journalism.
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