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    November 3, 2023
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    Elections have consequences. New York City residents are horrified as to what their voting habits yielded. New York City Mayor Adams is in deep doodoo. If he is removed or resigns from office, the order of succession is the Public Advocate of the City of New York and then the Comptroller of the City of New York.

    There's collective fury over the illegal crisis New York City Mayor Adams courted. He sent out a Batman signal, offering “free” luxury hotels and everything else under the sun, to anyone under the sun. In August, 82% of New Yorkers said illegal aliens were a “serious problem.” This is as New York is 61% Democrat and New York City is 68% Democrat. And this was in August. Before the Hamas terrorist attack in Israel on October 7th. Before Mayorkas admitted on Tuesday to the Senate that in the fiscal year of 2023, there had been more than 600,000 "gotaways" at the southern border. Before we saw our campuses are akin to Hamas recruitment centers. Before Mayor Adams said he would “cut all basic services”, to citizens, not illegal aliens.

    On November 2nd, Adams went to D.C to ask for more Federal money to take care of the illegal aliens currently in New York City and presumably to finance the incoming flood. However, despite illegal aliens being the number one concern of New York city residents, Adams canceled all meetings and immediately returned home to deal with an even bigger crisis - a personal one that might result in his no longer being Mayor.

    The FBI and the NYPD conducted a series of raids on New York locations, including the home of his chief fundraiser, Brianna Suggs pertaining to an international probe into "foreign government influence peddling." The federal investigation is considering looking into Turkey, which Adams visited before taking office.

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    This is a developing story with suspicious activity. Suggs is another close connection to Adams's inner circle, “including to Ingrid Lewis-Martin, the so-called Lioness of City Hall who acts as Adams’ chief adviser and gatekeeper”, reports the New York Post. We also have the two Banks brothers, childhood friends of Adams. David Banks was appointed by Adams to be the Chancellor of the New York City Department of Education, the largest school system in the nation. Then there’s Philip Banks, who was on the FBI’s radar and in an ongoing federal corruption probe, resulting in Banks leaving the NYPD. Later, Adams resurrected the role of Deputy Mayor of New York City for Public Safety and appointed Banks.

    Bottom line, Adams has angered someone and if he is removed or resigns from office, the replacements are just as radical, woke, and wholly incompetent.

    The Public Advocate, Jumaane Williams, is a Democratic Socialist. If he becomes Mayor, this will be the first time New York City has someone who is openly anti American. In fact, when Williams ran for Governor, this was what he campaigned on; ending incarceration, environmental justice, affordable housing, and free high-quality public education. This last part might bankrupt the entire nation with the never ending illegal aliens coming, which Williams also supports. Second in line, if Williams doesn’t take the job he actually campaigned for while campaigning for Public Advocate, is Comptroller Brad Lander. Lander’s incompetence resulted in New York City employees, including teachers, cops and firefighters, losing $30 million in pension funds tied to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. He says, “I’ve spent my whole career engaged in progressive organizing for social justice, both inside City Hall and out on the streets.”

    Elections have consequences.



    Jackie Toboroff

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