• NY City Council Elections Are Today; Vote Republican And “No” To Proposals On Back Of Ballot

    November 7, 2023
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    New York City Council elections are today. Polls are open until 9pm. Don’t forget; turn over the ballot and vote “NO” to the proposals. They're a tremendous waste of resources that taxpayers can’t afford - they’re already on the hook for the flood of illegal migrants.

    The hour is late. If you care about your family and neighbors, if you care about the Big Apple and can’t move to a functioning city and state, you need to get out and vote. Moreover, remind everyone you know; today is Election Day! Bring five friends with you.

    New York City Council is a 51 member body that is overwhelmingly Democrat. It creates and votes on legislation. It oversees education and the NYPD - important, right? Parents, you with me? Half of New York City public school kids in third grade aren’t third grade level proficient in math or readingNaturally, things get worse as these challenged kids get moved up through the system by errant “teachers.” Just 42.3% of eighth grade students are eight grade proficient in math! This might explain the student body of NYU, Hunter, Columbia and Cornell. Each year, seemingly more subpar than the previous.

    Then there’s crime. Things are so deadly dangerous in New York City thanks to Democrats on the City Council that illegal migrants are complaining about it being unsafe and looking to leave! Citizens agree, 82% say that illegal migrants are a “serious problem.”

    There are many Democrat City Council candidates that are up for re-election. Some of them are anti semitic, anti NYPD, anti incarceration and pro illegal migrants, pro criminals, pro weed shops. Some have no children and so are clueless about education, like Christopher Marte that wants no safety monitors in schools.

    A competitive race is District 13 (Southeast Bronx, including Throggs Neck, Pelham Bay and Morris Park) Republican Kristy Marmorato is up against Democrat Incumbent Marjorie Velázquez.

    Another competitive race is in Manhattan. District 4, (Carnegie Hill, Central Park South, Garment District, Koreatown, Midtown East, Midtown West, Murray Hill, Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town, Sutton Place, Times Square, Tudor City, Turtle Bay, Upper East Side, and Waterside Plaza) has Republican Brian Robinson against Democrat Keith Powers. Powers is the architect of Intro 632 that looks to ban landlords from doing background checks on murderers and sex offenders in residential buildings. Many of Powers’ comrades up for re-election support Intro 632, like Shahana Hanif, Sandy Nurse, and Christopher Marte.

    District 20 (Queens, including Flushing, Queensboro Hill and Murray Hill) has Republican Yu-Ching James Pai against Democrat incumbent Sandra Ung

    District 47 (Southern Brooklyn, including Bay Ridge, Coney Island and Sea Gate) has Republican incumbent Ari Kagan against Democrat incumbent Justin Brannan

    District 22 (Astoria, East Elmhurst, Jackson Heights, Woodside) has Republican Kelly Klingman against DSA radical Tiffany Caban who said after Hamas attacked Israel on October 7, “Nothing can free everyday Israelis from danger and fear unless it also frees everyday Palestinians from oppression and occupation. “I feel mounting fear that the conditions for genocide in Gaza are developing. The US must do everything in its power to secure an immediate ceasefire and de-escalation.”

    District 39 (Kensington, Boro Park, Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill) has Republican Arkadiusz Tomaszewski against DSA radical Shahana Hanif who “blamed Israelis for their own deaths.” She says, “The root cause of this war is the illegal, immoral, and unjust occupation of the Palestinian people. The Occupation has brought violence toward Israelis and Palestinians for over 75 years. There will be no peace unless the rights of all people in this region are respected.” Hanif also said, “The rampant anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic sentiment we’re witnessing in our City, and across the country, is fueling violence against our neighbors,” Hanif has also been arrested and voted against a council resolution to establish an “End Jew Hatred Day” in New York City.

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    District 38 (Red Hook, Sunset Park, Greenwood Heights) has Republican Paul Rodriguez against DSA radical Alexa Avilés. Aviles says, “Palestinian terror and grief has to be acknowledged.” Avilés abstained on the City Council resolution condemning Jew hate.

    District 37 (Cypress Hills, Bushwick, Brownsville, East New York) has Republican Isaiah Orlando Vega against Democrat Sandy Nurse who voted against the resolution to establish a day dedicated to ending antisemitism in New York City.

    District 1 (Lower Manhattan) has Republican Helen Qiu against climate activist, defunder of NYPD, and anti jail enthusiast, Democrat Christopher Marte.

    Please, vote like your life depends on it, because it does.



    Jackie Toboroff

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